story of life

A Story That Leads to God

Gloria to God:

Dear God, while writing down Your words this morning, the wind keeps opening my front door, and it won't stay closed. You are speaking of greatness, and I put books and shoes against my door to keep it closed. I hear and write Your love loud and strong, and then the details of life seem to intervene, dear God. Even as I Godwrite, they intervene! Details of ordinary life seem to stand in Your way.


The Course of Life

God said:

Life on earth from your vantage is not always or even usually fair. Therefore, it must be so that justice is not the point of life.

Truth is that you are in the Eternal. There is no aberration nor fluctuation in the Eternal.

Justice and injustice are judgments, for something in life has not befallen as you would have it. Because of your judgment, you do not know what to do but suffer. You consider the unfairness in life has caused you suffering. You have perhaps seen no alternative.

The Prime of Life

God said:

Simplicity is oneness. One bowl. One spoon. How simple!

You make complicated. You must have ten of everything to keep track of. You roll in life faster and faster, and still you collect moss. You collect more moss. But you are not a stone. You are a Human being. You are beyond moss. You are beyond accumulation. You are a roll of My heart. My heart rolls in the world. Take care of My heart inside yours.

You cannot lose yourself, for I am always.

A Genie within You

God said:

When you despair, you have lied to yourself. You have said things will not change. You have told yourself that you will always feel dreary and have reason to. You have said that a suffering emotion will always grip you. But emotions are changing things. And so is your life.

Yet hope is a little thing. It is too little for you. Hope is very maybe-ish. It is a whimper of truth. It hardly passes for itself.

Awareness of truth is another story.

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