The King's Palace of Heaven

God said:

You are a light beam of My Being. There is no other explanation for you, beloveds. Without the light and love that are Mine (Ours), you would not exist. You would not know yourself to exist, that is. Now, here is where the words are tricky. You would not exist as a Human Being, though there never is a time that you ever did not exist, just as there will never be a time that you do not exist. You exist eternally. You only imagine there can be a time when you are not. Your imagination takes over, and you cannot tell Truth from fiction. You adhere to time and listen to the ticktock. You believe in the temporal and scoff at the permanent.

Your true existence is a continuum of love. Your Earth existence starts and stops while the real you, the value of you, skips not a beat.

What a marvel you are of My creativity! What is My creativity but My love? That is your Being. That is your True Identity. It is like you are the leap of My heart jumping from pinnacle to pinnacle, from wave to wave, from heart to heart.

Let the beat of your heart signal your love for your life, which is the life of Me. You are for the life of Me. You belong to yourself, and yet you belong to Me. You do not yet know the Vastness of yourself. You have hardly an inkling. Let an inkling grow to its full fruit of Light Universal, light so bright that it is not ordinarily seen near or far, light so bright that many close their eyes and do not recognize the brightness they are closing their eyes to.

But never mind your eyes. Simply open your heart. Your heart has eyes. Your heart can see in the dark. Your heart can transform the dark, the illusion of dark into the Reality of Truth, just by a slip of the switch. The switch is at the entrance of your heart.

Consider, if you like, that you are the yo-yo of My heart. Consider that you go up and down, not according to the string around My finger, but according to your own visualization. Of course, you are not a yo-yo. The coming and the going are purely an exercise of your mind and not Truth at all.

Do you really think that I would ever allow you to be away from Me? Not even for a blink of an eye would I allow you to wander from the nest of My heart. It is your free will to recognize Who you really are and where your life is. There is a back porch, perhaps a screened-in room, and you think you live there. You think the back porch is the whole world and that you abide there and nowhere else. You lease the back porch for a while when all along your real home is in the King's Palace of Heaven. That is your real address, not the world of man, but rather the Heaven of God, the Home of All Hearts and Souls. In this sense, there are no vacancies, and you never left. You coexist in presumed dimensions even though you are dimensionless.

Quite understandably, you may fantasize that the fantasy is real, and that the Reality is the made-up story.

No matter, all is good, and you march along with a Marching Band, a Marching Band in the uniform of Human Beings, when all along they are a flying band of angels, often denying Reality adamantly.

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Climbing, climbing,

Climbing, climbing, climbing. She climbed and climbed, driven on by something she knew not how to describe. She smiled as she struggled through knotted brambles, stopping a moment to eat a few berries. Little drops of Heaven! There was an aura of contentment on her face that shone though the bruises, knotted hair and torn clothes. On the last almost impossible peak, she had seen. Now she knew where she was going and she knew that that place was also where she came from. That indefinable knowingness made all the parts of the journey, the pleasant and challenging, a delight.

Smiling she continued, knowing it mattered not where she went or how she goes, only that she knew where she came from and who she is.

Do you really think that I would ever allow you to be away from Me? Not even for a blink of an eye would I allow you to wander from the nest of My heart.

I often laugh when I read Heavenletters. Then I have a silly smile plastered on my face.

One Love

You describe all of us so

You describe all of us so well!

To think that we all climb together as One and reside together in the same Heart of God.

Where do you get these ideas

Where do you get these ideas from? Do you really believe such things or are you just saying them. The time here on Earth is the only time there is, all else is fantasy, for if it were different then why do so many intelligent people suffer at the hands of the wicked, and why does evil always seem to prevail. If God had any say so in the matter the fools would be fewer, the multitudes would have minds of their own and the chaos we see in the world would cease to exist.

Ben, first, thank you for

Ben, first, thank you for writing down what is in your heart. There must be others who feel as you do, and they keep it to themselves. Please know I admire your forthrightness very much.

I also want to say I can't help but feel that you have great belief in God. You are 100% sure that if God were here, the world would be quite different. Your belief in God is very strong. Your faith could be stronger than mine that says: "God is here, and still the world is not ideal."

I do feel certain that God is here and that He is behind the scenes and sometimes right out there, yet He leaves the running of the world to us. He has great faith in us. Ben, I believe every single word I hear God say.

Please know that I respect your feelings and opinions. No one is here on this forum to tell anyone else what they are to feel. We all have every right, every God-given right, to feel as we do.

With love and blessings,


God has a plan

Hi Ben,
Thought I would offer a few thoughts in response to your post to share my perspective. All my life I have believed in God. Going thru many life experiences I admit I had LOST my faith. I had thrown in the towel so to speak. I could not by the life of me understand WHY WHY WHY the world and human beings treat each other so terribly! I could never totally shake "GOD" off although I deeply wanted to at times because I was not happy of my life experience, I was miserable! I had given life the BEST of myself and I got nothing in return. The last straw for me was losing the man then my husband whom I adored in a terrible twist of circumstance. How could it be possible when I would have given everything to make things work between the two of us. I felt he did not respect or care enough about me and he asked for a divorce. I felt battered and bruised by life. I prayed that God would give me children and all I got was disease and pain. The only thing I had left was my husband and I lost him too!
If someone would tell me there is ONLY here on Earth at that time and I had believed that, I would not be writing to you now! I never really felt comfortable with life because I did not understand WHY and it simply does not make any sense to me.
At last, I came across a book called "A COURSE IN MIRACLES" I began reading it and even if there is alot that I do not understand, it was the beginning of faith again for me. GOD DOES HAVE A PLAN. Our human minds cannot comprehend this but our SPIRIT which is forever connected to Our Heavenly Father gives us glimpses of this Plan.
We are climbing toward a state beyond human conception and coming to the knowledge of what we were before we entered our earthly frame.

We will ALL KNOW and everything will come CLEAR to ALL oneday. Don't give up your faith and remember that behind the chaos of this world there is a LIGHT which one day will encompass all our MINDS and then we will KNOW WHY.

God Bless you! Light and LOVE to you always Ben

If anyone would like to see

If anyone would like to see a photo of Johanne who is as beautiful in body as of soul, click on Reader Comments on the right margin, and scroll about five comments down.

I also want to say it's okay if someone loses his faith or never has it. Perhaps that is part of the plan too! :)

Ben has a right to say his piece

Ben, You are correct in what you say, however the truth is the truth and as I have just noted in an earlier note, if it rings true for you then it is your truth. If not, then it isn't. For those of us who do feel the letters are a truth we are fortunate to be able to have this forum to express it. Your truth may not agree with what is written in Heaven letters, that is ok. Each will come to the truth in their own time and in their own way. You are still blessed to be able to read them.

I like the way you think,

I like the way you think, beloved Janice.

5 Heavenletter Haikus for

5 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said all is good
You flying band of angels
Of All Hearts and Souls

God said the real you
Is a love continuum
That is now and here

God said imagine
The Reality of Truth
You are of My heart

God said fantasize
That the fantasy is real
You never left Me

God said you live there
The King's Palace of Heaven
That is your real home

Love, Light and Aloha!

Truth as I hear it.

My daily visit from Heaven Letters is very important to me. As I read them they make me feel as though some power is writing just to me. The truth of these letters is that they "ring a bell" or "touch my spirit" or "hit home" as it were. They just feel like they are coming from within me. That is not ego speaking, it is merely a realization that God is within us all and every so often that "bell" will ring true. Thank you for the communication. It seems to reflect my true feelings.