The King's Palace of Heaven

You are a light beam of My Being. There is no other explanation for you, beloveds. Without the light and love that are Mine (Ours), you would not exist. You would not know yourself to exist, that is. Now, here is where the words are tricky. You would not exist as a Human Being, though there never is a time that you ever did not exist, just as there will never be a time that you do not exist. You exist eternally. You only imagine there can be a time when you are not. Your imagination takes over, and you cannot tell Truth from fiction. You adhere to time and listen to the ticktock.

With God

When you attach another to yourself, you have attached yourself to them. Attachment is a clinging, and when you cling to something else, you are clung to it. You give up something of yourself when you attach to something or someone. It is never worth it. Attachment is never cost-effective. You give too much or take too much, and you lose yourself.

It Is for You to Hear God

Yes, you are right. I want to say something to you. Something I have wanted to say for a long time and yet you were not quite ready to hear. Today you are. Or if you are not, then I give it to you ready or not.

I want to say you have nothing important to do. I said nothing, not something.

Is that disappointment or relief?

You have nothing important to do.

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