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Oops, where is God's answer to Ruby?!!! Gloria Wen...All Hearts are Welcome
You speak Beauty, dear one.Gloria Wen...All Hearts are Welcome
SS a Chinese (not verified)All Hearts are Welcome
This is not a comment onGloria Wen...All Hearts are Welcome
Thank you, beautiful soul.Gloria Wen...A New Commandment
Dear Gloria. I would gladlyMarija McAllister (not verified)A New Commandment
Normand, this indeed isGloria Wen...A New Commandment
Beloved Normand, how do weGloria Wen...A New Commandment
Marija from Croatia! PleaseGloria Wen...A New Commandment
Go for it, Jonathan. TheGloria Wen...All Good Is on Its Way
Like you, I don't want toJonathan Gerber (not verified)All Good Is on Its Way
Hi Normand, As I was readingMarija McAllister (not verified)A New Commandment
Wear a t-shirt that says Joy AloneNormand Bo...A New Commandment
PartnershipChristine202In Partnership With God
Ah, if only I could noticeGloria Wen...Forget Not Even One Heart
Beloved Adam, what a lift aGloria Wen...Summertime, and the Living is Easy
Let love be, and laugh.Adam MichaelSummertime, and the Living is Easy
Like you, I don't want toGloria Wen...All Good Is on Its Way
goodsteve (not verified)Let It Be Enough When the Sun Does Shine
And, dear Christine, how youGloria Wen...The Art of Freedom
FreedomChristine202The Art of Freedom
Thank youChristine202Be the Truth of Yourself as I Say You Are
Dear Randall, somewhere itGloria Wen...New Year of Fulfillment
Bernie Siegel, M.D., who hasGloria Wen...New Year of Fulfillment
Oneness and Unity Christine202Glory Hallelujah!