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This Sacred Holy DayChristine202Our Covenant
Sometimes there areGloria Wen...Somewhere in the Midst of Life
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Dear Friends, Heavenreaders,Gloria Wen...Sometimes a Prelude to Godwriting
Laughing out loudChristine202God, Thy Will on Earth as It Is in Heaven
Ah, Christine, you are suchGloria Wen...Love is a Given
I AM LightChristine202Love is a Given
Ah,Christine, you areGloria Wen...Say Yes to Life Today
Dear Zeehan, Christine,Gloria Wen...Attachment Means Boundaries, Beloveds
I AM PresenceZeeshan Tahaboor (not verified)Golden Heavenletters
The Gift of a New DayChristine202Say Yes to Life Today
Another Golden Gentle NudgeCandy (not verified)Attachment Means Boundaries, Beloveds
Oh, dear Rover, how happy IGloria Wen...From God’s Desire, the Perfect Universe
The Meeting of the StarsRoverFrom God’s Desire, the Perfect Universe
Dear Rover, is this theGloria Wen...From God’s Desire, the Perfect Universe
The Way God CreatesRoverFrom God’s Desire, the Perfect Universe
Candy, Steve, all whoGloria Wen...The Sky Is Falling
Thank you for pulling meCandy (not verified)The Sky Is Falling
commentsteve nussdorf (not verified)To Be Alive is Not a Hiding Game
Jim, Jimi. I am wonderingGloria Wen...Favor the Universe
Living LoveShay (not verified)Favor the Universe
Dear Mike, God answered youGloria Wen...What Can Amaze God?
Yes, Fiona, those were sweetGloria Wen...A Signal of God
HeavenlettersFiona (not verified)A Signal of God