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Thank you Shay!Jim KellerLook Not for Answers
Oh!....this is oh so sweet!Jim Keller"Voila, This Is You, My Beloved!"
We were and are...and will be Love...because that's the Truth!Jim KellerLove Alone Is
All the while, the only Sure Thing is OnenessRoverA Recognition of Oneness
nothing at allRoverEverything and Nothing at All
Dear Sara, I have wept inMarija McAllister (not verified)Return to Paradise
creatingsteve nussdorf (not verified)God Works in Mysterious Ways
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Happy Valentine's DayChristine202Upcoming Surprises!
Grateful for the ReminderCandy (not verified)Helping Others
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"Wish everyone Godspeed onChristine202Make Room for Life as It Is
Thank you GeorgeCandy (not verified)The Royal King
Appreciated Tracie (not verified)A Hidden Gem