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Beautiful!Gloria Wen...How Does Your Garden Grow?
ComplainingChristine202How Does Your Garden Grow?
Bless your heart, Jochen! ItShay (not verified)You Are Your Own Child
@@@POEM: FOR ANY KIND OFPREDRAG SA...Before Beauty Began
BeautyChristine202Before Beauty Began
Santhan, One of the dearestGloria Wen...Greater Understanding and Peace
this way was only a short holidayvictor1 (not verified)Life Forevermore
HallelujahChristine202Life Forevermore
Thank you too!Adam MichaelGood Morning, Merry Sunshine!
Loving God and All of You,Adam MichaelGod Speaks to Me of Love
What an amazing audienceGloria Wen...Good Morning, Merry Sunshine!
Thank youChristine202Good Morning, Merry Sunshine!
As I sitting here pondering,Adam MichaelGood Morning, Merry Sunshine!
Thank you GloriaAdam MichaelGood Morning, Merry Sunshine!
Oh Gloria, you knowAdam MichaelGood Morning, Merry Sunshine!
Adam MichaelGloria Wen...Good Morning, Merry Sunshine!
Peace, Joy, Love and Light ☀️Adam MichaelGood Morning, Merry Sunshine!
The River of LifeChristine202The Prince and the Pauper
Dear Hobie, what a wise,Gloria Wen...The Three Little Pigs II
Dear dear Sheila, I wantedGloria Wen...Do You Really Come from the Stars
Dear Mary Ann,Gloria Wen...Would You Decide that a Daffodil Makes a Better Dandelion?
This is just beautifulMary Ann (not verified)Would You Decide that a Daffodil Makes a Better Dandelion?
My LifeChristine202The Changing of the Guard
Grateful to you,ChristineGloria Wen...Do You Really Come from the Stars
"Beloveds, you are developedShelia (not verified)Do You Really Come from the Stars