God said:

You know now what to do under any circumstance that takes you unaware, and that is to remember Me. Remember Me, not solely in thought, but in heart. Do not merely think of Me. Return to Me. Come to Me.

The solace I give is not solace. It is Truth.

Thoughts of Me are thoughts of Me. But returning to Me is letting Me lift you out of the mire and letting Me raise your sights to where no mire can pretend to exist. It is so easy for My children to consider negativity truth, and the positive untruth. You think that positivity is a mirage, and the desert truth. But the desert is imagination, and positivity is all that there is.

You gasp at that. How can that be true? It can be true because when all is light, all is light. Flickers of the light are merely flickers. Shadows are merely shadows. All passing fancies along the light.

If it did you any good to keep your attention on what appears awful to you, I would have you do it, but I see no value in it except to keep yourself there. If you really want to stay in negativity, then stomp in it, parade in it, and you will have what you wanted. Otherwise, value lies in stepping out of it. It is only where your feet were anyway.

Let your heart leap out of the mire. Let your heart and mind take flight. Let your heart and mind have a chance for escape. Escape is not escape. It is returning to the light that ever was. It is taking your eyes that have been looking down and redirecting them upward.

Your attention on the mire must shift. Attention is a holding thing. What do you want to hold? Do you want to keep your attention on distress? Have you not had enough of it?

Let Me take your attention and cascade it upward. Let it spiral up. Follow the light. Find out where it takes you. You already know where you have been. You don't need to know more about where you have been. Know more about where you are going. Lift one foot up after another. Let your feet follow your eyes, not your eyes follow your feet.

Your eyes can certainly go further than your feet. Feet are meant to hold you in place until your eyes and your heart take them somewhere. Let your eyes lead your feet, not the other way around.

Sometimes your life is like a cigarette you stomp under your feet.

Let your life be like the sun that rises and keeps going and rises again.

But, you say, the sun doesn't really rise. It really stays still. But will you admit that the sun follows the horizon? Will you admit that the sun accomplishes great things? In truth, all are merely staying still, but the apparent movement tells its own story. I suggest that you get up from where you are now and be as the earth that goes around the sun, for I am the Sun that you go around. Adhere to Me, and do not be stuck in place, believing that the earth muddied is all there is. Sure, there is dirt on your shoes, but you are not your shoes.

Even where your feet are is beauty. Even where you stand, there are dancing feet. There is sunlight on shadows. There is life. There is the cry of a new baby, but there is the baby. There is life. And there am I, and there are you, and there are We, entwined forever, entwined in love, entwined in gladness.