Our Oneness

God said:

Gratefulness to Me is awareness of Me. I need not your gratefulness, but you need your awareness. You need awareness of Me so that you knowingly come from strength.

There is a strong wind that blows you. It is good to know the wind, the name of it, its direction, its path, and to follow where it takes you. Then you know you are not just buffeted about by chance. You know your course, and your steps can be firm on it.

The Great Wind knows where you are going, and that is precisely where you want to go. Of course, you may think you know the way better. And, of course, you can balk at the Great Wind. You do balk at it. You can hold onto a tree to resist, but what gain is there to just stay where you are, holding on for dear life, as it were. It is no gain. It is perpetuation of the past. It is, indeed, holding on.

And great gain there is in letting go of the tree you are fond of and going where the wind takes you. You go ahead of the wind. You may turn to the left or the right, but the wind will remind you of where you're going.

It is all a detour until you come to My heart.

You wend your way, and you backtrack, and with or without your wholehearted permission, you will find yourself knocking at My door. Well, not knocking, gaining entrance. You will find that you are here! You will find that you took many unnecessary steps, but what does that matter now when you are dearly before Me, and you behold My beholding you?

That is Our Oneness. Our beholdment is Our Oneness. Consider Us as two lights that merge. And then We are One Light. And then you know for certain that looking out or looking within are the same. The Eyes of the Beholder look into the eyes of the Beheld, and the Beheld is the Beholder. The Beholder beholds Himself. Then Whose Eyes are yours? You find you have two-way vision, but there is no longer looking out and looking in. There is only seeing. The Being sees Being. And that is Vision.

Oh, My dear children, you are My vision. Do you see it now? Do you see what you are to Me. You are My sight. You are what I see. You are what I look upon. My eyes of love look upon My eyes of love. My eyes of love are besotted with the sight of you. You are My ambrosia. You are Mine, and that was ever true. And yet you thought you were other. I don't know what you were thinking of. What were you thinking of? Can you remember? What other than My love did you think you were? What abandonment did you perpetuate upon yourself? What self-discourse did you make that allowed you, for one moment, to think you were something else out there apart from Me? What made-up story did you read and convince yourself was true?

Be not convinced of Me. Conviction is imprisonment. Unconvince yourself of what you have mistakenly held as true. And then come to know Me. Knowing Me is not conviction. Knowing Me is the faith you have in your own eyes. Knowing Me is allowing yourself to sink into My warmth of love. It is allowing yourself to fly free of molds that you once made yourself believe you fit into. You belong to the Molder of you, and not any mold the world has made.

You fit into My heart, My beloved.

All My messages are the same. They are one message. Just as We are One, My messages are One. I do not have many messages for you. I have one message. Do you know what it is?