Nothing Can Be Less

God said:

I suppose that My children have one failing, and that is a sense of loss. From a sense of loss or fear of loss comes ownership, control, attachment, anger, and other discomfort.

If you could but know that all is intact, that nothing can be less, that unbeatable treasure abounds on all sides, that a great treasure is effulgent within you, that you are treasured by the Almighty, that you cannot be let dropped or fall, that all that appears as tragedy is a mere blip on a screen that you interpret as tragic, and so on and so on, then what perceived problems would you have or could there be?

If you could but know that when you feel lost, that in a moment, you will be found, what would you worry about?

If you could but know that you, love supreme, are loved supremely, what would or could you be missing?

If you could but know that there is no matter, what then would or could be the matter?

If you could but know truth, you would and could not know loss, fear of it, control from it, attachment, anger, and any other symptom from imagined loss.

Haven't you ever imagined something? You thought it was so? You misunderstood something? You thought you overheard something and you had misheard? You thought someone was talking about you and you felt uncomfortable, but they were planning a party for you? You know the sort of thing I mean.

Your imagination is too good, and not good enough. You are good at imagining the worst, and awkward at imagining the best. Start imagining the best and what it would mean for you.

What would it mean if all that you see as negative had another aspect?

What if all the negativity in the world you had seen had been imagined and then played itself out in a theatre, and you read about it and you watched it and it came to life before your eyes, and you forgot you were in a theatre? What would that be like? You know what that would be like. You have experienced that. You have experienced the screeching.

What if eyes of love create love? What if eyes of fear create fear? Eyes of control create control? Attachment, attachment? Sense of loss, loss? And what have I left out? Oh, death.

What if death were not? What if death were impossible? What if you saw a costume removed and thought that was death? What if the removing of a costume was not seen as so dire? What if the removing of a costume was seen as the removing of a costume? What if the actor being who was in a costume now removed is now the same being without that costume, and will don another by and by, or not? What if the being formerly in a particular costume never puts another one on?

Is a being in a costume a being different from himself out of costume?

Perhaps your costume convinces others that you are the part you play wearing your costume, but you know better, don't you? You know that you are a God-being in a costume on earth that is identified as Human body. You perform in that role. But you, above all, must know that it is a role you are playing. That role is not who you are. Let others consider you an earthling and no more. What does it matter? You are a God-being on earth in an earth costume. You are a light bulb with a shade on it. That is all. That is all that has happened. Shaded as you may be, light you are.

You cannot lose your light. You cannot lose your being. You cannot lose the gift of soul that I have given you and that you are. You cannot lose your beingness. Nothing can happen to you. Something perceived can happen to your costume or to the scenery, but nothing can ever happen to you or to the truth of the other players on the stage or screen. Nothing but good can happen to you. Nothing but good is happening.

If the stage set is being dismantled, it is being dismantled for another scene. No need to weep for one curtain closing and another opening. No need to be appalled. Applaud.

You are rising to Me. Applaud that.

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What if eyes of love create love?

What if eyes of love create love?

Well...they do....they do indeed. So I see and love and appreciate all of you...all of the time...may you been in love and in happiness and in health and in peace and in joy. Jim and Jimi.