The Power of Wonder

God said:

Be in awe of the universe of My creation. Wonder at it. Be wonder-ful. When you are wonderful, it does not mean that you are seen as that. Full of wonder, it is you who sees like that. You see with the eyes of wonder. When you are in wonder, your eyes are lit up. When you are in wonder, you are expressing My light. I created the world, and I saw it was wonderful. I had filled it with My wonder, and so it was filled with My wonderfulness.

Be born today and see everything as if you had never seen it before. See with new eyes. In truth, you will be seeing My creation as it is. When you look around and are in wonder, you are seeing true. I do not ask you to pretend. I ask you to see.

Never mind auras and things like that. You are not looking for them. It is your vision that is lighted. You are light looking out, and light sees light.

You are My beloved belighted.

Is it not wonder that some of My creations stay still and some move? And some can do both. In actuality, all is moving, and all is staying still. A still, green leaf blows in the breeze. A lone man sits down or gets up. Clouds move. The Sun is still. Movement and stillness are one of My wonders.

That there is passage of light is another one of My wonders. That light creates shadow is another. Darkness can appear, but light cannot vanish. And the wonder of light having colors, many colors, spectrums of colors.

That there is no density, yet that there is appearance of density is another.

My creation is a conundrum, and it is not.

And creation is not.

My love is.

That My children can make things is another wonder. They can make beauty. They do make beauty. And they can cover up beauty.

My children are such creators to the extent that they can forget. But if they can forget, they can also remember.

How does nature remember the seasons?

How do you remember who you are?

Sound is another one of My wonders. Music. Just think of it.

All of your senses are My wonders.

That there are roses is a wonder. That rose bushes bud and then drop their flowers, and the fallen flowers feed the bushes for their next crop of roses is more wonder. And that there can be other growing things besides roses!

How did I think of these things? How did they come about?

I thought beauty, and beauty appeared.

And how did I think of you? What passion created you?

It is a wonder to Me that you find so much dullness in the world. One Human being walking on earth would be wonder enough to sustain lifetimes of wonder.

That creation can come from the created is a wonder. That Humans can appear to issue from other Humans. That Humans are everchanging from one minute to the next, and yet, in reality, there is no change. That there is such a thing as breathing. That it is My breath you breathe, and My breath that breathed you.

But all of this is ordinary. It was ordained. That We can hear one another was also built in. You can hear Me. You can witness Me. You can know My heart because I gave it to you.

I made you with love. And love is Our exchange. Your hearing Me is My love for you and yours for Me. What is listening but love? What am I but love? And what are you? And what are you?