The Stirrings of Love

God said:

Some may think that My purpose here is to make you comfortable. My beloved's, My purpose is to give you truth. Truth uplifts you, but when the disguise of false belief has been your cloak of comfort, and your cloak is removed, you feel itchy. Awareness of your dormant greatness is the stirring of your greatness, and that stirring makes you uncomfortable.

We could say that waking you from your dormancy is waking you to your greatness. You can't rise to Heaven and keep sitting in the same chair. Greatness has to get up. Greatness does not lounge in an easy chair. It does not sit still. Greatness is stillness that rises.

When you come into a great fortune, you may not be comfortable. Your parameters change. Your configurations change. You thought you were sitting in an easy chair, and now you find it was a folding chair you sat in. You thought you lived in a house, and now you find it was a tent. And you thought you were enclosed in a body, and now you find you are not enclosed. You are far greater than your body. You are far greater than you thought. Everything is far greater than you thought.

Leaving stationary boundaries will shake you up. Finding there are no boundaries may catch you off-guard. Needing no guard may turn you topsy-turvy. Without boundaries, there is no top and no bottom. There is boundlessness. You have been used to holding onto walls. You had a corner that you thought was the world.

Let us say you were in a deep sleep, and a whisper from somewhere roused you. Where does this whisper come from? Whom is it calling to? Can it be you it calls? And you were having such a comfortable sleep. You dreamed you were smallness, and now you hear a refrain that you are greatness.

Greatness is not a medal pinned on you. It is not heaped on you. It is not outside you. Greatness is not from some place else. It is yours.

Suddenly you find yourself in the robes of a King. For a while, you may think that this is a disguise, and that you are an imposter. But when you know the throne is yours, greatness settles in.

You hoped you were not great. You hoped you would never be called and everything could stay as you presumed it was.

But truth doesn't let you stay in the same quarters.

Perhaps you thought greatness was made of gifts heaped upon you. Now you find you are the gift. You are revealed, and you are the revelation.

I give you the greatest invitation you will ever receive. The invitation is to come to your truth. On this occasion, I introduce you to yourself. You are the guest of honor. You are the beheld. My beloved is beheld. Your beauty is beheld. Accept your beautifulness. Accept your magnificence. It is the truth of you.

You have been crouched down, and now you are told to stand tall.

You have been sequestered, and now you are free.

You were tied to the ground, and now you are told you to fly.

You were waiting for something to lift you, and now you are told you are the lifter.

You were waiting to be lit, and now you are told you are the lighter. The world has been dark and waiting for light. You are the light that the world has been waiting for. Light weighs nothing. Stand up, and the world is lit.

Your awareness is the light that has been heralded.

Your awareness.

Your awareness of My light is your light.

Behold My light. And the world is lit. And you have lit it.