The Movement of Life

God said:

Where did you think you were going? You thought you were going nowhere.

You thought life was in increments of moving things or information or bodies to another space. Much moving, and much hurry. Much sorting and unsorting. Much arranging and rearranging. And you move yourself to and fro, and you move things to and fro, and you play race driver or Dodgem.

Certainly life has to be more than its superficial movement.

You may have thought life was somewhere else. If you were somewhere else, if you were in a different climate, if you were in a different job, if you didn't have to work, if you were in a different house with different people, if you were different, then life would be different. On the surface, the difference is in how many objects, their shape, their configuration, their considered value, their newness or their oldness, and what the world thinks of you.

If you truly want a difference, then move yourself to Me.

The same sky exists everywhere. The same sun, the same moon, the same stars. East is east, and west is west, north north, and south south wherever you stand. The bit of land you stand on makes no difference in the truth of things. Maybe not even in the scheme of things.

Ocean is good. Mountains are good. Forests are good. Lakes are good. They are desirable because all of nature reminds you of Heaven. Deserts have their own beauty. And a flower pot in a tenement window has its audience and gives its signal of more, of something, of something you want and cannot quite name or fathom.

What you cannot name or fathom is good. That shows you are reaching. What you can already name has already been learned. Find new territories of greatness rather than continued assorted lesserness.

There is a heartedness that longs for something great and true. There is something within you that longs to be great and true, and has had enough of the dwelling on the othernesses of life.

Now, come dwell with Me. Dwell on Me. Simply consider Me. Include Me. Take your tender awareness to Me, and your greatness and truth will well up, and you will be satiated with indwelling love. You will be overcome with it. You will be lifted with it. You will rise with it. You will spill over with it. You will tumble in the pure joy of it. You will do somersaults with it.

You will do nothing with it. You will know you are it, and you will blossom in the beingness of it. And you are the beingness of it. You are the love that dwells on earth.

You were the love sent to earth. Yes, you are the messenger of it, and you are the message itself. And you are the receiver.

You throw love and you catch it, and you are the love thrown. That is the movement of life. Nothing else.

You are a flashlight that flashes its light. Your light is caught, and it rebounds. A flashlight flashes light. A human being radiates beingness. Love loves. The lover loves love.

You deal in love. Even if you deal in numbers, you are a dealer of love. Love is your commodity. You wholesale or retail it. In any case, you are a receiver of it. You are a disburser of it. And it is yourself that you disburse.

This love exchange is based in Heaven. Heaven is the headquarters. Infinite love comes from Heaven. Infinite love sent to earth descends on earth. Infinite love has landed on earth, but its arrival is yet to be discovered by the very ones who are there to disseminate it. They are there to disseminate My love on earth.

You are there.

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