movement of life

Life Is a River That Flows

God said:

You do understand that life is a flow. There are not really separate days. Life is a river that flows. You float on the stream of the river. You bob along in life. You do really and truly deep down know that all days flow together. You know you give names to that which cannot be held in place. You repeat, "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…" You repeat, "December 26, 27, 28…" You and the world make imaginary identifications of the stream of life that flows right past you as you keep bobbing along.

Exquisite Motion

God said:

A vague sense of restlessness means something in you has been stirred. When things are stirring, they are not settled. Life is like a soup you stir. Everyone once in a while you put the wooden spoon down and let the soup sit. Then you pick the spoon up again and stir some more.

Your life is not meant to be set. It is meant to be stirred. You are not meant to be a sconce or painting hung on the wall. You are not meant to be glued in place, settled, nailed down, framed, parked once and for all. Life is not a garage you store your car in. There is no lock on life, no door that closes.

The Movement of Life

God said:

Where did you think you were going? You thought you were going nowhere.

You thought life was in increments of moving things or information or bodies to another space. Much moving, and much hurry. Much sorting and unsorting. Much arranging and rearranging. And you move yourself to and fro, and you move things to and fro, and you play race driver or Dodgem.

Certainly life has to be more than its superficial movement.

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