Exquisite Motion

God said:

A vague sense of restlessness means something in you has been stirred. When things are stirring, they are not settled. Life is like a soup you stir. Everyone once in a while you put the wooden spoon down and let the soup sit. Then you pick the spoon up again and stir some more.

Your life is not meant to be set. It is meant to be stirred. You are not meant to be a sconce or painting hung on the wall. You are not meant to be glued in place, settled, nailed down, framed, parked once and for all. Life is not a garage you store your car in. There is no lock on life, no door that closes.

Life moves, and you move with it. There are times when you can sit with your feet up, and there are times you must get up and venture forth like Columbus or Vasco da Gama. That makes you just like every other Human Being on Earth. No one sits still. You are an explorer, an adventurer. You can not always stay home knitting socks or reading the paper. You have to be on your way somewhere.

You are mobile Beings. You are not rocks and stones that stay where they are until an outside force moves them. You are not as dense as you may think. You are fluid. You have the ability to move.

So long as you are in a body on Earth, you are one who moves. A rose you are, but not a rose planted in one spot. Your roots go deep, but you can pick them up at any time and move on.

Have you not tried in one way or another to keep life still? Have you not cautioned it not to move? Have you not shushed it and tried to make it behave? Have you not held life back, sometimes with all your might?

You may agree with the concept of letting go, but holding back most likely has felt better to you. That must be the case. Otherwise you would not have to let go. Perhaps what you have to let go of is immobility.

A Human Being expresses. You express yourself in motion. Your lips move, your fingers tap, you scuffle your feet, you get up and down, you whistle a merry tune, , your heart beats and your heart reaches the moon and swings there a while.

Perhaps it is your exquisite motion that created the concept of time and space. If you were going to move, you wanted to know where you had been and where you are now, and how long it took to get there. Books were written about going somewhere and getting there. You book return flights. You go away and return and you stay somewhere. Only in the world is there motion and emotion. Your body moves, as it was meant to. Babes in the womb kick.

Your body moves, and that is why you always want more space to move in even though, at the same time, you want tarpaulin over you, keeping you intact, giving you an address, providing a confining place for the body to stay.

What is evolution but moving? Certainly it is not staying the same. Where did this idea come from that you must give up something to get something else when you can have everything all at once? You do have all possibilities all at once. You who are ever new need newness in your life. Newness is change. Be open to it.

Life is more than getting up from one seat and moving to another. What is it that you give up? You give up your ideas, My children, and replace them with new ones. It is like parting your hair in a new place. What has changed except where you part your hair? You are subject to change in a changeless field. You are one who moves.

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