Make a Friend

God said:

If you came across people with leprosy frequently, you might say to yourself: “What have I done to attract this?” You might take it personally, hold yourself accountable, karma and so forth, or you might not hold yourself accountable at all but be mightily annoyed that people with leprosy seem to gravitate to you. You see it that you are being given a hard time.

So now, here’s the difference between you and the Great One who helped to heal. He said nor thought any of the above. His thought was: “What can I do to be of service?”

He wasn’t thinking of himself. That meant he didn’t wonder how he might have brought people with this illness to himself nor did he find fault with them for having a disease that made them outcasts in the common world they lived in, nor did he resent them for choosing to come to him. His immediate thought was to be of service to his Heavenly Father through the needs of those before him. He served, and yet he did not take others’ difficulties to himself.

I use the above by way of example.

Now, let Us say that you suffer ill-will too many times from others. Others seem to be offended by you, and a sure result might be that you offend them back. It is like you are innocent and yet you find yourself in the same pickle time after time. The incidents you may come across can be compared to the appearance of people with leprosy. Your common response might me: “How come there are so many people who take offense at me? They shouldn’t behave this way to me. It’s always like this. This isn’t right. What is the matter with these people?”

You may see that somehow the world mistreats you. You recriminate the others for their lack of consideration to you.

There are others who see themselves responsible for the recurrence of situations, and, yet, they are still as helpless as the ones who cannot come to grips with the idea that they somehow contribute to the drama repeated in their lives again and again. These children of Mine may hold themselves guilty of doing something wrong, even when they don’t know what, and even may be an innocent bystander.

In one scenario, one person takes no responsibility, and in the other scenario, one dwells in guilt about it. In both cases, attention goes on themselves.

Better to get away from these scenarios and ask yourself the questions now: “What do I do? How do I respond to this? How can I repair the experience for the benefit of all?”

Let Us say that someone accuses you of being rude to him or unkind in some way, and you see this as an assault on you. Your reaction is anger. You are going to have nothing to do with this person in the future. That did it. He or she wronged you, and that’s the end of your exchange with that person. That’s the end of that person in your life. You’re finished.

And so you punish the other person, and, in the process, you punish yourself.

In kindness and generosity, you could say to the person who was offended and who, in the process, offended you: “I’m so sorry. I had no idea. I was unaware. I would never want to offend you. I will be more careful in the future. I never want this to happen again.” How would it hurt you to say this? Or would you rather be the angry victim?

We are talking about your being a true friend, not a happenstance one.

If, for good reason or no reason, you have alienated someone, don’t alienate them further. Make peace.

Better to make a friend than a foe. Better for all. Better for the world.

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I see,thank you very much!

Look at China's 1.3 billion population country, my country. [people will pay a high price. Say this isa question of the environment - the good anywhere meet the truth. Thank you for your good advice.In some situations, people cannot be real friends -- the choice may be to become their slaves, or to become their enemies, understand? This is everyone's common sense to understand.

I've been reading

I've been reading Heavenletters for about a year since my beautiful wife brought it into our lives. Today's Heavenletter "How can I serve?" reinforces and adds greater power to my need to help the situation instead of making things worse by blaming myself or the other person. In the course of each daily walk through this life I am more aware than I ever was of things my wife has taught me and strengthened by Heavenletters. I am more aware of the choices I make - when I am responding or reacting. I know this is life-long learning and I feel good to know I have the guidance of my wife and Heavenletters in my life at a time when I can accept and experience the truth.

Oh, Mario, God bless you and

Oh, Mario, God bless you and your wife. What a beautiful couple. You and your beautiful wife go deep. Thank you for posting. Post often, you hear!

Love this!

This is SO TRUE Gloria .. thank you!

Perfect message for this

Perfect message for this morning. Delivered with clarity, so easy to absorb and put into practice.

Thank you.

Beloved Heaven Admin, when

Beloved Heaven Admin, when did you ever do anything less?

See God, See You Lords, in our friends

THank you for this beautiful heaven letter dear Lord. This is a wonderful heaven letter and I am incredibly grateful to have the honor of reading Heaven Letters and all the beautiful comments. Thank you for encouraging us to See Love and God in everyone:) Praying that I can begin to learn this dear Lord and to see love in everyone and hold the same esteem in all as we do in our loved ones, for ALL ARE loved ones. Thanking you so deeply from the bottom of my heart. Thank you

With much light and peace

thankyou xx


The subject of suffering. It

The subject of suffering. It seems to be endless. Yet God makes short work of it!

Thank you so much for posting, beloved Lorraine.


But what if someone continually wrongs you? And finally you tell them what they did and they take no responsibility for it and continue to be abusive or break their promises? Then is it not time to finally set a boundary and be finished with that friend? But what if it is a parent? What is the best action then?

Beloved Sasha, as for

Beloved Sasha, as for friends, I think you are entitled to spend your time where you have peace and want to be. You aren't obligated to spend your time where it is not happy for you. Find people you enjoy.

Believe me, Sasha, I'm the same as you. And I keep learning again and again. People don't have to be anything but what they are. They don't have to be what I want. Maybe they just can' be what I want. We're all free.

As for parents, I don't know what to say. They occupy a special place, it seems to me. It was always easy for me with my father. I always found it hard with my mother. Looking back, and wishing my mother was here, I would be quite different. I would appreciate as I didn't when I had the chance. I wasn't easy either.

Thank you for being so open, Sasha, and asking your question. I hope other people will post their responses.

Love, Gloria

Phenomenal! ilumine Ao, Al


ilumine Ao, Al Diaz