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oproep / request

Dag lieve mensen,

geruime tijd heb ik de vertalingen van de heaven letters op mij genomen.
ik kan nooi tverzekeren dat ik ze elke dag voor u kan klaar maken.

als jij voelt dat je g enoeg engels kent om te helpen bij deze vertalingen, al was het maar ééntje per week, dan zouden de nederlandstalige lezers van de Brieven hier heel gelukkig mee zijn!

ik kan ze niet elke dag doen, tot mijn grootste spijt!
wie kan helpen ajb?
we kunnen misschien een weekschemaatje opstellen.

ik hoor graag van jullie!
en ... dank je!
Dear lovely people,

since some time now, i have been doing translations.
i never can be sure that i can do this for you, on every single day.

if you feel that you know enough english and can help out in translating, even if it were only one a week, then the Dutch speaking people would be very happy, i'm sure!

i regret not to be able to do them every day!
who can help out plz?

i'd like to hear from you!
maybe we could set up a weekly schedule?

and ... thank you!

Hi all, putting this request

Hi all, putting this request back on top.

dag allen, deze vraag opnieuw bovenaan geplaatst.

May God bless you, always,

Dear Leen, Your translations

Dear Leen,

Your translations are awesome! May I offer this little re-assurance about translations...

We are really close to launching the translation management system and I believe that Dutch is going to be one of the languages that has it's own homepage if I'm not mistaken. Presenty the Dutch translations are not reaching the Dutch speaking community as effectively as they will when there is a Dutch home page for Heavenletters. A separate domain name eg. means that search engines will index the content under their Dutch language index thereby giving Dutch Heavenletter translations greater reach into the Dutch language community.

So I believe your request for assistance will soon be fullfilled...well lets give it about 2-3 more months! And Leen I know that the translators do the translation work selflessy with the reward being the joy that comes from knowing that something you are doing is having an effect on someones life. Yup what greater joy is there than serving!

Yet I would like to set this intention now for a Heavenletters party/gathering where all the folks who offer their time and energy towards sharing Heavenletters celebrate together. Shall we set Argentina as the location? :thumbup:

Hi, yes argentina, but i


yes argentina,
but i will have to be absent in person.
why not e-conference?

de oproep die ik eerder plaatste is nog steeds geldig, lieve mensen, kan je helpen aub?

the call for help is still out there, dear people, plz help out?


May God bless you, always,

I love the way you take

I love the way you take initiative, Leen, asking for help for Heavenletters and including your comments in Dutch!

The Spiritual Center in Argentina sounds like a fabulous place to meet! Beloved Leen, will you please stay open to the idea that you can come to Argentina. Whatever obstacles you see, perhaps they will not be there!

By the way, a new subscriber from The Netherlands came this morning! Wouldn't it be great is this could be the subscriber who will help you translate!!

Thank you Gloria, we are

Thank you Gloria,

we are open to every thing that comes on our path.

you speak the same words, i speak to my students and so often to myself, and yet, there's so much i can learn!
so i change the role from teacher to student and learn more and more every day.

we are lead to places and events that bring us closer to our inner being.
so i meet ppl who function as channels of His love, like you, Gloria and all who read this.

maybe you'd like to react, maybe not, but there IS an energy exchange and some how a change in comprehension on another level than the obvious and what can be seen.

thanks again for the insight.
love ye!

May God bless you, always,

dear every one, who reads

dear every one, who reads this post,

i am renewing the request .
so if you feel we could share the translations for the dutch speaking community, plz let me know.

love ye all!

May God bless you, always,

Beloved Leen, I had

Beloved Leen,

I had forgotten this string of comments. I am so happy to read it again.

Where else can we post this request for a translator to help translate in Dutch?

Are there any groups or chat rooms where it would be appropriate to do so?

Does anyone have any creative ideas?

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Hoi Leen, ik heb het enige

Hoi Leen, ik heb het enige tijd geprobeerd te vertalen, het is voor mij evenwel niet te doen om een schema oid. te maken want dat schept voor mij verplichtingen en in deze stress.
In Liefde, Gert

lieve Gert, ik weet het,

lieve Gert,

ik weet het, toch hernieuw ik deze aanvraag eens, met enkele mensen elk één dag voor eigen rekening nemen, ongeacht wanneer ze het doen, dan zou dat fantastisch kunnen zijn.
alles groeit en bloeit in Gods plan, het gebeurt, als het gebeurt.deze gedachte koester ik mijn hele leven al, en maak me hierdoor geen zorgen (geen stress dus)
de vrijheid is een grote zegening, als je ze herkent.
ook in het engageren zit een vrijheid, die zo bevrijdend kan werken, dat ze je op een hogere trilling, dichter bij God kan brengen.
(mijn twee centjes en ervaringen)

dear Gloria,

i will not put news in other forums, i believe this forum should be better attainable, and then on the other hand, things are as they are and who is to plan any thing, we all know things happen in synchronicity with the Higher Good, who is God.

love you all!

May God bless you, always,