Living in a Body

God said:

Living in a body consumes a lot of imagined time. So long as you are in a body, there are many things to do. If you were not in a body, if you were your pure soul altogether, you would not be so consumed with doing.

If you will grant that your being exists along with your doing, if you will grant that you are a Human being at least as much as you are a doer of Human things, then you may come to realize the power of being.

One of your judgments is that you must always be in activity, as if activity were the sum total of you. You ask each other questions such as: "What did you do this weekend? What did you study at school? What are you going to do this weekend?"

These are fine questions, don't misunderstand Me. And they engage you in interchange with other Human beings. I just suggest that the emphasis has been on the outer activity more than on soul development. Indeed, much of the attention on activity is to take your mind off your soul development. You suspect that there is something crying for your attention but you cannot grasp it in your hands and are not sure how to deal with it, so you cover it up with more bodily activity.

Remember, I am not condemning activity. You are not meant to just sit and ponder full-time. Even the greatest of you are not. All the same, it is good to consider the being aspect of you and to let it work for you. Your beingness is a great friend to you.

The question that trips off your tongue so easily — "How are you?" — said without much involvement, is yet a statement closer to the truth of being. It, too, is social exchange. But even that question of being is most often asked and answered as of the body. "Pretty good. Not so good. Felt tired all day. Had a headache. Felt terrific." As if you are your body and equivalent to its state of comfort or discomfort.

Every once in a while, consider your beingness and give it its due. Love your beingness, this still part of you that is the true power of you. It is your beingness that is connected to Me. Your body is not. Your possessions are not. Your wholeness of soul is. This is the level We operate on, you and I. That is Our connection.

Consider your beingness love, not love operant, but love like the Sun when it is full in its moment before it dawns over the horizon, or even when it is on the other side of the earth. Consider your beingness the rose in its fullness at the cusp of blooming, ready to burst through in bloom, just at that moment of fullness before it bursts full-flung into color.

Is the rose only its moment of bloom? Is there not that of the rose that does not fade? When it drops its petals, is it no longer rose?

Are you not more than your active existence and the motions your body goes through and the places it attends? Are you not more than what your body sweeps up? Where are you when you sleep, and where are you when you wake?

You are more being than you are doing.

Your being is My blessing.

Your being is your inheritance.

Your being is the long and short of you.

Bless your being, that aspect of you that is irrelevant to Earth. And bless your doingness, that aspect of you that embraces the Earth.