Only Your Heart

God said:

Do not think that the relative is a waste of time. The relative is an environment you are learning to operate in. It is necessary to address its details, but not be consumed by them.

As a general thing, We can say that Human life is a configuration of details that you have to acclimate to but not be absorbed by.

You, a sentient being, move in the relative. It is your playground, and you are learning how to play there. Because this playground is a fantasy of rules and laws and engagements that often do not make sense, it is a puzzle for you and often you feel like a stranger there, one who does not belong there, as though you live in the city but you really belong in the country, or you are in one continent but native to another. Often you feel out of place and wonder what you are doing there at all, why you are there in that specific point of time and space, and how on earth you got there.

You feel rudderless in an ocean of concrete.

If your only awareness of existence is in the relative life, that singular awareness is intolerable, or you kid yourself that it's not.

Even while you are planted in this concreteness of relative life, remember your origin.

The abstract is not out of your grasp, even though it is abstract. It is abstract only because it is not concrete. It is not less important or less real because it is abstract.

Truth is abstract. Your existence in Heaven is abstract. You cannot point to it. You can only have clues that bring you to pure knowledge of it.

I am abstract. No matter how much I am before you, no matter how close to you I am, I am abstract. The Greatest of All is abstract. The Beginner of Love is abstract. The Source of Love is abstract.

Love itself is abstract. Love cannot be captured or cornered or taken a photograph of. You can catch an expression of it, but not it. Love is not photogenic.

Truth cannot be taken a picture of. But there is something of it you hold in your heart. It is not a picture exactly. It is a recollection of a sense of something that is beyond the five senses of the body.

Every once in a while, the abstract doesn't elude you. You say, "That's it." This experience of the abstract is very familiar to you, even though you cannot call it to you at this moment.

The fact is: you are remembering Me from your long-forgotten past.

I always tell you to forget the past, but I do not tell you to forget Me. I tell you to remember Me, but the thing is, you only remember an echo from the past, and I am much more than an echo, and you can find Me in the present.

Remembering Me is like a written introduction to Me given to you, and you carry it with you in your pocket. But an introduction is meant to be used.

I am Presence right now. Know Me now. Recognize Me now. Let your heart be stirred by My Ever-Presence in your life. You do not have to go back a long ways in order to find your origin. Remember Me in actuality right now.

You do not long for your heartbeat from last year or a minute ago. You have a heartbeat now. I am like a heartbeat. I am like a pulse. You are My impulse, and I am your Impulse. I am your Motive and your Motif. I am your Being, and you are Mine.

Long for Me, but do not long for Me as something you have lost. Make Me familiar now. I am abstract to you only because you are not so familiar with Me as you once were. But you can become very familiar with Me right now, and I will not seem so abstract.

Allow Me to be a presence in your life.

Do not be wise about Me. Do not be well-equipped with all you know, because I am not found encased in certain perimeters. I am big. I am much bigger than that. Be open to All That I Am and not only to your ideas of Me. I do not have to fit into your ideas. Only your heart. Only your heart.

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I am Presence right now.

I am Presence right now. Know Me now. Recognize Me now. Let your heart be stirred by My Ever-Presence in your life.

Thank you ..