Hurray for the World!

God said:

The way plants grow through the crust of the soil and appear, just like that a new world is going to burst forth. This is a long-awaited-for event, and now the spring of the world has come.

You, My beloveds, are the preceptors of this new world. You wanted it. You thought of it. You pictured it. You felt it. Your thoughts are pulling on Our submerged world like a strong magnet. Based on your thoughts, the world can only burst forth through the surface of life and reveal itself for the Heaven it is.

It is like you are pulling out a car stuck in the mud. You play it smart. You attach a farmer's horse to the car with a strong rope, and the horse pulls the car out of the mud. Your thoughts are like the horse. The horse is solid and one-pointed. It pulls in one direction. The horse does not go back and forth. He knows what he is doing, and he does it. The horse does not give up. He doesn't resist. He doesn't complain. He simply moves forward and rescues the car.

The world has been stuck, and you are pulling it out. It is easy for your thoughts to do this. It is your thoughts that champion the world. Your thoughts are the factor. Your attitude is the factor. Your love for the world as it is and is yet to become are the factors. Give the world your courage and your vision. Don't let anything stop you.

Beloveds, your thoughts are so powerful you can keep the world in the mud. Your thoughts are so powerful, you can pull the world out of the mud. Your thoughts can do anything. What do you want? Let your thoughts go for it. Conceive the world you want and keep conceiving it. By virtue of your thoughts, you will usher in the new world of peace and good will. Your thoughts will set the course for the world. You will raise the Earth to its rightful place. The world is listening to you. It takes you seriously.

You are rooting for the Earth, and so you plant the seeds of your thoughts and allow the seeds to grow. It takes a little while before the seeds burst through the soil and can be seen as green seedlings. Give the seeds patience like water, and know that what you and I undertake can only come to pass. Not someday, but very soon, only you can't rush it. Just keep cheering the world on. Never mind any lapses. The world is moving forward and will adhere to your thoughts.

Stop worrying about the world. Worry will shrivel its growth. That's what concern and dismay and selfishness and greed and moaning and groaning have been doing. But now, no more. From now on, view the world as you desire it to be, and the world will obey.

The One World is ready to emerge. It is just at the cusp. Know that success is at hand. Before you can hold success in your hand, you have to hold it in your mind. That is really to say that you think it, know it, and let it go. You no long slap the world's knuckles. You do not paddle it. You don't ignore it, and you don't sneer at it. You believe in it. Believe in it as you have always wanted to believe in it. Not even once more do you throw darts at it. No longer do you join in close-lipped remarks about it.

If you have been in that crowd, now you get out and join Me in a silent revolution of commenting on all the good the world does. Never mind anything else. Hurray for the world!

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It is awesome to read this message from Father! It makes me feel like a child in a candy store with all the different bonbons to choose from. And I have to carefully choose one by one from the delicacies before me. Of course the bonbons = my thoughts. WOW and what POWER they have in ONENESS BEING in Father!!
I will let my heart daydream to create with Father. Oh what joy this will bring today!

Love to all, Johanne

Heaven Letters`

When I was first receiving Heaven Letters I thought,
God, I don't have time for all of this reading and I would
just read it scantilly. Now I love the letters more ad more
and I read all of it. Thank you so much for putting these letters on the internet for us because now I would miss
them terribly. Thank you so very much.

It is a tribute to you,

It is a tribute to you, beloved Marlene, that you read every word of Heavenletters.

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Bringing Earth Closer

I am happy to see you writing about the evolution that is manifesting before our eyes -- the new earth. It would be good to hear more from you on this -- will there be embodied beings left or will we all transition to 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions where bodies might not be needed? Given the contrast in this third dimension we should all be happy to leave the doubt, uncertainty, and other negative aspects to embrace a new experience, but what can we do to look forward to this new experience with joyful anticipation? We really do not like natural catastrophes and death, but they all seem inevitable -- how can we gracefully cope with that transition?
Many thanks,

Beloved Eleanor, to the best

Beloved Eleanor, to the best of my knowledge, I do not choose the topics of Heavenletters. They come. Most often I am surprised. Sometimes they do seem to arise from something going on in my life, but, again, I don't make those Heavenletters come. I just receive them.

I consciously ask God direct questions in only two cases: In my personal Godwriting and when someone asks a personal question of God.

Although God's response is to the person who asked the question, I have nothing to say about the direction of the answer. I mean, it just comes, and I don't know how it comes, but it comes and usually very strongly. I might personally have had something of an answer in mind, but God's answers are far different from what I had thought.

Other times I think: "How on Earth can God possibly answer this question? There is no answer to this one." And then God gives such a magnificent answer that I am sitting there with my mouth open. (Do a search on the blog for Loretta, and read about her miracle from Italy. This was one one of those questions that I couldn't imagine how it could ever be answered.)

If you press the Ask God link on the right margin, you will find out more about asking personal questions.

Eleanor, you are not asking your questions out of curiosity. Your questions are caring about all of us and are on a higher dimension. They are your questions, and not really mine, so I don't feel I can ask them as if they were my personal questions.

Under Ask God, you will see that it is generally advised to refrain from asking anything that falls in the category of esoteric question. I believe this is from God. It is also from me. Of course, we all would like to know these things. As you know, God in Heavenletters is devoted to the healing of the heart, and not information. BUT you are not asking simply for information. So, dear Eleanor, It might well be worth your while to ask God a personal question, and we can see what happens.

With love and blessings,


4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said just like that
The Spring of the world has come
To reveal itself

God said join Me now
For the One World is ready
It is at the cusp

God said give the world
Your courage and your vision
Champion the world

God said believe it
Think it know it let it go
Your thoughts set the course

Love, Light and Aloha!

thoughts as strong horses

Dear Gloria,
God has done it again, ! it just keeps happening that he answers something for me in a heavenletter that had been bothering me. When I was first introduced to the idea that our thoughts become things , I couldnt visualise/conceive of how something as "gentle" as a thought could have such powerful effects. To visualize my thoughts as a strong determined one pointed horse is powerful and reassuring. THANKYOU.
love Nancy