Toss Your Worries Out the Window

God said:

Will you, once and for all, stop worrying? You over-worry. Any worry is too much. Worry is pointless. It takes your energy and gives nothing back in return but more of itself. Make a better bargain than this.

Worry is fretting. Worry is thinking of what could go wrong. You even worry after something has gone wrong. Then you worry yourself to the bone over what you could have done better if only you were able to go back in time. Beloveds, you can't go back in time. You cannot undo. Now, please, let go of worry and remonstrance. Let go of worry before, during, and after. Just let it go.

The Worry Chair

God said:

Are you perhaps in the habit of agonizing over something or anything? If it is not one thing, it is another. If this is the case, substitute another habit. Take up the habit of knowing that wonder upon wonder is on its way to you. Get in the habit of knowing that wonders beyond wonders are already on their way to you. Take My word for it. You are being blessed this very moment, and more blessings are racing to you. Lickety-split, the blessings rush to you. Hold up your hand so that the blessings upon blessings can find you easily.

Whistle a Different Tune

God said:

Expect joy. You have had enough of expecting gloom. The attention you put on warding off untoward events is extraordinary. Sometimes it seems that your guiding star is catastrophe. Often you act as if you are down to the wire when you are in actuality flying high.

Consider all the energy you put into worry. You say you are being realistic. I say you are frittering life away when you worry. Worry doesn't buffer life. It avoids life. It is its own little frenzy. There is no point to it, beloveds. What does worry do that joy can't do better?

The One Inseparable Heart That Beats Love

God said:

All the love that is in My heart is yours to take and to keep. It is all for you. Our hearts are married, beloveds, and nothing will keep the twain apart. We are One. We are One Heart. Only an idea in your head tells you that, rather than love, suffering abounds. You tend to believe so well in suffering that it could be said you are a fan of it. If you spot suffering anywhere, you really glom onto it, as if to say: "There, I've got you! I knew you were there in hiding, just waiting for me to come along." You give yourself alerts, and you pounce on suffering as if it were a valuable commodity.

Worry Not

God said:

Worry is worry, and it serves no purpose but itself. Worry on big or small is still worry, and it does not become My children to worry. It does not matter over what. Worry for the world is not better worry than worry for a little thing. Worry is its own thing and serves itself. It serves not the world, nor you, nor Me.

Hurray for the World!

God said:

The way plants grow through the crust of the soil and appear, just like that a new world is going to burst forth. This is a long-awaited-for event, and now the spring of the world has come.

You, My beloveds, are the preceptors of this new world. You wanted it. You thought of it. You pictured it. You felt it. Your thoughts are pulling on Our submerged world like a strong magnet. Based on your thoughts, the world can only burst forth through the surface of life and reveal itself for the Heaven it is.

The Ringing of Bells

God said:

What recourse do you have but to let go of worry? To keep even a little of worry is too much.

Worry comes from a sense of lack. Future lack. Maybe you have food in the fridge now, but what about next week? Maybe you have a good life now, but what about in ten years? What about accidents and all the other things that could happen, do happen, might have already happened?

Well, what about them? Life is slippery, beloveds. You can't hold on to it. Is that a bad thing? Isn't it all right that there is life?

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