The One Inseparable Heart That Beats Love

God said:

All the love that is in My heart is yours to take and to keep. It is all for you. Our hearts are married, beloveds, and nothing will keep the twain apart. We are One. We are One Heart. Only an idea in your head tells you that, rather than love, suffering abounds. You tend to believe so well in suffering that it could be said you are a fan of it. If you spot suffering anywhere, you really glom onto it, as if to say: "There, I've got you! I knew you were there in hiding, just waiting for me to come along." You give yourself alerts, and you pounce on suffering as if it were a valuable commodity. You must like it, or you wouldn't be looking out for it as you do, as if it were a special delivery package you've been waiting for. You knew it was on its way, and you didn't miss a second of it. There you were. As soon as the package arrived, you opened it right away until you found everything that was in the package. You weren't going to miss a drop of it.

You still suffer emotionally because you follow gain and loss around the way a puppy follows the one he loves. Gain becomes pain because, even if all is well now, it might not be tomorrow. Tomorrow's joy could be stolen from you, never to return again, so you feel. Even when you know better, you agitate loss. You see loss as if the very food were taken out of your mouth. You feel you lost some favor from the Universe that you once had.

Well, beloveds, you are learning that there is no ownership. What do you think you own? You don't even own your own skin! You don't own your own thoughts. You got them from somewhere. We can call them stolen. I would advise you to give them back and truly create thoughts of your own. And even then, you will give your thoughts away to those near who can listen.

You do not have to own suffering, beloveds. When there is no longer the concept of gain and loss, there is no longer suffering. However, in life you play a game of take-away. You believe in subtraction when all the while multiplication rules. There is more joy and more and more, but you don't tally it up.

That which you have and belongs to you, you cannot lose. That which is not yours, you must let go of. It is your mind that must let go of it. Your mind is a wanderer anyway. It is a flibbertigibbet, not quite reliable. It means well, and it means well by you, yet it is so easily influenced. When your mind goes to the supermarket, it picks out so many colors and flavors, you tend to buy too much. Even when something is a staple and considered necessary, you bring home too much of it.

It really is time now that you let go of the concept of need. All you need is I, and you have Me. Your mind misconceives and thinks other things really come first before Me. You may laugh behind My back. You may sincerely believe that other things come before Me, or you wouldn't be such a worrier. I am the antidote for worry. Even a small dose of Me will go far. But you do want to have a dose of Me. Take Me for no reason at all but that you love Me. Do not do it for gain, beloveds. You cannot gain Me any more than you can lose Me. You have Me forever. We are inseparable, for we are that One Inseparable Heart that beats love.

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Comment on what I own and don't own

Sweet Writer, with divine insight about ownership and beingness.
I own the curious reader of this beautiful love note from God,
I own part of the confused writer of this comment and discovered that he is tongue tied in expressing the sort of truth you expressed.
You helped me to learn that I own the pretender to the throne of God in me.
I'll try to fire him and get to know the real me. Thanks dear writer of this gift of divine direction. You are something else!
George the faker (for a while)

You own our hearts, beloved

You own our hearts, beloved George.

I just blew a fuse!

Yes you did, don't try to deny it, you blew my fuse to reality's grip.
I could tell right-away, well, actually the sparks gave it away.
I thought the world was round! I just fell off its darn edge as I read:
"You own our hearts, beloved George."
I hope you don't find out, I just look like George; oh heck,
You probably knew it all along and just used the word BELOVED to tease me into
Believing that there was such a guy. What ever I AM I sure love you!
George, more smell than tell

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said all the while
There is more joy and more joy
That belongs to you

God said come along
You do have Me forever
You cannot lose Me

God said believe Me
That all the love in My heart
It is all for you

Love, Light and Aloha!

Alohaligh111t and other sparkles of delight

Once again, Sweetest One Alohalight1111
you pulled my rip cord and slowed my downward ascent.
Looking around I feel the "more joy than joy" and my eyes fill.
As my feet touch the earth I feel the tender voice say
"You cannot lose Me." and I rest in the quiet understanding
"That all the love in My Heart, its all for me! My eyes fill more.
Thanks sweet, sweet one. Your words are healing in syllables.
George the winded one