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Heavenletters Languages of the World Translation List


Please paste a list of your favorite Heavenletters here. Out of your selection we will form a continuing list of Heavenletters to be translated into as many languages as possible, with the most selected Heavenletter appearing at the top.
[edit] - we are going to stay with the idea of selecting 1 Heavenletter. Post your list here and then we select a 5 of the ones most loved by the community and have a small vote for the final Heavenletter.
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Here is my favorites list...

Here is my favourite

Here is my favourite list:

HEAVEN #2278 Great Light February 19, 2007
HEAVEN #2286 Your vibration is reaching others February 27, 2007
HEAVEN #2252 Old Dreams January 24, 2007
HEAVEN #2275 The Movie on the Screen February 16, 2007
HEAVEN #2286 Your vibration is reaching others February 27, 2007
HEAVEN #2332 Exquisite Miracles April 14, 2007
HEAVEN #2305 Creation, Beloveds, Creation March 18, 2007 HEAVEN #2319 The Train That Einstein Observed April 1, 2007
HEAVEN #2328 The Union of God April 10, 2007
HEAVEN #2339 The Horizon and the Heavens April 21, 2007
HEAVEN #2325 Let Freedom Ring April 7, 2007
HEAVEN #2315 The Scenery March 28, 2007
HEAVEN #2303 A Simple Life March 16, 2007
HEAVEN #2235 The Flowing of the River January 7, 2007
HEAVENLETTERS #2352 Offer Your Heart, 4 May 2007
HEAVEN #2357 A Swim in the Ocean of Love, 9 May 2007
HEAVEN #2367 Oceans Do Rise, 19 May 2007
HEAVEN #2382 An Indefinable Something I, 3 Jun 2007
HEAVEN #2404 Meeting Yourself, June 25, 2007
HEAVEN #2403 The Sun of God's Love, June 24, 2007
HEAVEN #2426 It's Only a Movie, July 17, 2007
HEAVEN #2430 Give, July 21, 2007
HEAVEN #2436 In the Recesses of Your Mind, July 27, 2007
HEAVEN #2438 Day by Day, July 29, 2007
HEAVEN #2454 The Language of Love, August 14, 2007
HEAVEN #2457 When your loved one’s primary interest is no longer on you, August 17, 2007
HEAVEN #2469 Godwriting, August 29, 2007
HEAVEN #2494 A Wonderful World, September 24, 2007

I just found and translated

I just found and translated one of the most profound Heavenletters I ever read: HEAVEN #1575, Unbounded Being. I'd really like to add it to the list.

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
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