Be Young Again

God said:

You have many questions that you would like Me to solve for you, is that not so?

If you asked Me how to get a raise I would say: “Ask for it.” If you asked Me how to have confidence, I would say to you: “Have it.” If you asked Me how to do better in school, I would say: “Do better.”

I would also suggest that you let a picture of yourself arise as you ask for a raise and receive it. Let a picture of yourself arise as you move in confidence. A picture of yourself studying. A picture of yourself getting papers back with high grades on them. Feel how you feel when you feel good about yourself. Let this beautiful feeling enter your blood stream.

It can only be an error when you don’t feel good about yourself. The feeling good about yourself I speak of is not as ego pumps you up with glee, but more as a steady stream of well-being. More of a sense that I am with you, championing you, rooting for you. Yes, I am behind you all the way. I am also on all sides of you. You need not ask for protection. I am already surrounding you. You are already protected. You must divest yourself of your fears, beloveds. They are mere ego’s bluff.

The fears and anxieties that you look at again and again reach in small places, and they irritate your sense of well-being. Ego’s fears don’t want to let you go. They would be out of a job. They crave your attention.

Ego has different goals for you. Ego is not My competition, but it likes to think it is. No, not even fear competes with Me. What on Heaven or on Earth can compare to Almighty God? Only love, beloveds. Only your heart, your heart deep within Mine. Whatever fears you have today, dispense with them. Throw them away like an old watch that doesn’t work.

Think of all the beauty products you buy to remove wrinkles and flatter your skin. Get rid of old fears and worries, and your skin will be refreshed. You will be refreshed. You will lose years of accumulated worry and woe. You will be young again. Yes, I will sell you on love and abandonment of worry as I would sell you a cosmetic.

Or perhaps a new car. You want the latest model, don’t you? You want to be all you can be. You want to drive in a convertible with the top down, drive down the highway on a warm summer eve.

I will tell you how to have romance in life. It’s easy. Let go of the past. Turn in the old car of your mind for a new one. The only thing you have to change is your thoughts, beloved. Your thoughts are the mechanism that steers your life.

Get new answers for old. Let old thoughts soar out of your mind like birds. It is time they left the nest of your mind. Let them fly. They will fly far away and be gone, and you will be younger.