Infinity and Eternity

God said:

Beloveds, come closer to Me at this moment. There is no better moment than now. There is no other moment. This is the moment of infinity. We are now in infinity. There never was a little frog in a big pond. You were ever a great soul in the great Vastness. This is the moment of which I speak. This is the Ocean We swim in together. This ocean has lapping waves, yet it is still. It is shoreless, yet it is a haven. The whole water is a safe shore, for this is Infinity. Where Infinity is, time is not. Nothing can hurt Infinity. Nothing can even touch it. You cannot even fathom it.

You are a wave on the ocean of Infinity. Do you feel the pull of the tide? It is pulling you to Me, beloveds. There never was any other place. Come, rest your weary bones with Me. Your weary bones are your wearing thoughts. Free yourself from them. Begin anew today. You will not flounder without your old thoughts. In fact, you will begin to swim. Your old thinking has been flotsam and jetsam holding you back.

Eternity is brief, beloveds, although it has no length. I know not the difference between Infinity and Eternity. They are the same to Me. I embrace all of My beloveds at once, and you are Oneness anyway. You are forever, and there is no end to you. Forever means no end. There never was a beginning without you either, beloveds. There was no beginning before you. In truth, there was no beginning. There just was ever-ness.

Infinity uncoils itself. Everything is woven within it. Imaginings and playing of words are woven within it. Even the most beautiful music in the relative world gives only a glimpse of the Heaven of Eternity. Samples are only samples. There are good samples, but a sampling nevertheless. The whole thing is even more delicious. It can’t get better, and yet it does. It ever gets better because you grasp more of it. It is all simply Infinity stirred around, as it were, with a giant spoon called life.

It is not magic, yet it is magical. It is like magic but it is not magic. It is a high vibration, and there are no tricks. The Original Cause had nothing up its sleeve. Infinity is the bed I lie on, and it is yours too.

In this field where there is no beginning and no end, We are just beginning, beloveds. You are just beginning to lift up your heart and to hear the sounds as if from a great distance. But there is no distance any more than there is time. Timelessness and spacelessness are also statements that try to make time and space real. You want something to hold on to, so you adhere to time and space. This is not to criticize but just to let you know that I am in the know.

Beloveds, to get to the center of the ocean, you have to let go of the dock. Letting go of the dock assures your awareness will reach the center of the ocean. And then you will find that it is centerless. How can the ocean be centered when there is no end in sight to measure it by?

Have I confused you? Well and good, then. Or, no matter. In any case, you swim in My love, and the currents of the tide bring you ever closer to Me, even when there is no closer to get except away from your imagination that imagines We are not as close as closeness itself.