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I love a mystery!

I also love mysteries solved!

Yesterday and a little bit of today, we had a rush of new subscribers from Pennsylvania. Fifteen to be exact.

It's possible this happened by itself, but I'm betting that one of these new subscribers got on the bandwagon and made it happen.

How did you bring so many new Heavensubscribers so quickly! We want to know your secret! What did you do? What did you say?

We would love to publicize your secret! Will you kindly tell us here?

If you just arrived from Pennsylvania, will you give the first name of the person who introduced you, and how they did it?

With love and blessings,


No one on the list sent your

No one on the list sent your newsletter to me. It really was Heaven sent.


Oh, wow! Maybe it is just in

Oh, wow! Maybe it is just in the stars, Maureen!

And add one more new Pennsylvania subscriber since my post went up. :)

We have a angel here in Pa.

We have a angel here in Pa. her name is Susan Duval, she has a business doing
spiritual seminars. She shared this website with everyone and I found the movie
what a beautiful message about heaven. Thank you for creating this website.
Thank you GOD!!!!!
Mary Beth in Pa.

I received my link from

I received my link from Susan duval. she is a lady who organizes all kinds of spiritual forums in doyelstown pa.

Dearest Gloria and Readers

Dearest Gloria and Readers of HeavenLetters,
Wow, I'm so happy to hear that my friends in Pennsylvania have been signing up to receive HeavenLetters!! I am "fessing" up! I sent out the following email to 5000+ people!!

"I have to say--I didn't plan on this! Here I am at 5am, still awake and so full of energy and excitement--and it's not because it's my birthday! (which is a day I do like, especially because it's All Soul's Day--a fascinating fact, given my interest in the afterlife!)

Anyway, what I want to GIFT YOU with, are several links that I discovered at 10pm (thank you, Rod) which have kept me up joyfully all night! I suggest that you settle in with a pot of tea, and get ready for an extraordinary adventure!

First, to put a big smile on your face and lift your spirits, go to I'm not going to tell you what it is-it's a surprise!!!

Then, go to which really made my heart sing!! I spent hours and hours browsing through all of the heartwarming letters, stories, forums, videos and testimonials from all over the world!! There is a Lovelution going on out there, my friends!!! Forget what you see on TV and the papers!! I was awed by all the people who have written in--and some are quite famous! Be sure to sign up for the daily letters for a very special treat! I can't believe I have missed out on this site for so many years!!"

At last count, 141 people clicked on the HeavenLetters link, and at my Birthday Party last night, we were all doing the Gratitude Dance!!!!! Thank you for brightening my day!!!
Love and blessings,

Dearest Ringleader in

Dearest Ringleader in Pennsylvania!

Susan, I am overwhelmed in joy!

I would like to add a little of the email you sent me:

"Hi Gloria!!! I am the ringleader in Pennsylvania!! Thank you for your sweet letter and blog, which I will respond to! Here is a copy of my newsletter, which I sent out to 5000+ people, in which I speak of HeavenLetters! LOVE what you're doing!!! It was the best bday present I had to discover your heartwarming site!! I have Rod to thank for that. He is pictured with the angel wings on your site. Many blessings on you, dearest Gloria!!! Would be thrilled to host you in PA if you're ever able to come up here...this is totally an energy much happening spiritually!! And its gorgeous country!! Big Love and Big Hugs, Susan "

We never know what a day will bring. We certainly received a great present from you on your birthday!

Susan, you not only brought new subscribers from Pa. You brought marvelous new subscribers! It is thrilling to have all of you.

And you are right, the people who post on this forum are beautiful. I am in awe of how good they are to themselves, one another, and to all of us who are in any way connected. They really make life worthwhile. No squabbling. Only enrichment. God must be happy.

I do remember Rod of the angel wings, and he has my undying gratitude. We never know when and where great joy will come from.

You have quite a roster of workshops at your center. I sure need the one on Office-Decluttering. If you go to the Godwriting blog, you will find some entries on decluttering -- I'm working on emptying my house in preparation for my move to Argentina. One of the principlals in Heavenletters will be building a spiritual center in Capilla del Monte. When it's done, you'll have to come!

I will get back to you again very soon.

God bless you and your gang, dear Susan.

With love,


Also guilty of being

Also guilty of being referred by Susan Duval!
Blessings to all,

You are sentenced to

You are sentenced to Heaven!

I think Susan has brought us a whole congregation of angels!