Hearts Beat in Oneness

God said:

Man does not live for himself alone, not if he wants happiness, for self-centeredness goes against the grain. Self-centeredness is opposed to Oneness. Self-centeredness says: "Man is alone. Each is a separate entity. Aloneness is."

But the Truth is that Oneness is, and Oneness alone is.

Truly, you already know this. You know that living in supposed isolation is living a lie. You know that life is for sharing. Everything is for sharing. It is not that you are to share so that you will be good. It is that you are to share because therein lies happiness far beyond self-gratification. Therein lies happiness for the world itself. Does not sharing create a balance in the world? And does not self-centeredness create an imbalance?

When you do not have to impress anyone — not even yourself — it would be easier to give. The giving I speak of now is in your orientation to life. I am speaking of how you think and how you look at life and all those in it with you. May all your thoughts be blessings. May you come from the vantage of life that says:

"I am not separate. And no one is separate from me. No longer do I believe in illusion. No longer does it content me.

"Whatever my trade, my dealings are with God. He that gives everything asks me to walk in life with Him and everyone else in Oneness. This is the same as caring for each life as if it were my own. Each life is my own.

"Consequently, I do not believe in the word 'my' anymore. I believe in we. I believe in We. Therefore, boundaries do not exist. There is not my country. There is not a country that is not mine. There is no spot of earth that is not mine. There are no corners where I do not abide. The universe is mine.

"Yet, there is no more my life. There is no more my-ness. There is nothing for me to possess. Therefore, I need no boundaries. I no longer need to exclude anyone or anything from my heart. Therefore, I give.

"Every child on earth is mine. Every soul is mine. Every yearning is mine. Every grace is mine.

"I rise and fall on earth with everyone else alike. One tear that falls anywhere in the universe is mine. I wipe away the tear. All laughter is mine from deep in my chest.

"The word 'mine' has a different meaning now. From possessionless, everything belongs to Me. Everything is already mine. All the suffering and all the joy. All resides within this frame that is referred to as me.

"Now, I, this Immortal Soul in a Human body, can say in all truth and in all humility to all I meet, that I am you, and you are I, and in Oneness with God, the you that is I and the I that is you — we walk through life holding hands, holding hearts, entwined in love. We are love.

"Now, in this Human chain of Eternity, the world rises with us. We live on a higher plane. We are in a new dimension. We are in the dimension of love. I know now that other dimensions are layers of love. I seek them because love is what I want to know. Love is what I must know.

"I will be in love with God's Creation and all who abide in it because I am a seeker of Truth. What I seek, I find. And so now, I find everyone in my beating heart, and I find myself in everyone's beating heart. I know there is no other. Otherness does not exist. Hearts beat in Oneness. God beats the drum of our One Heart. I would not have it otherwise."

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