Swimming toward Your Dream

God said:

What would you like to occur today? Savor it. What knock do you want at your door? What supreme event would you like to have happen? What occurs to your mind that would elevate your life? What would you most like to have happen today?

Whatever it is, it has something to do with happiness, yours or the happiness of someone dear to you, for another's happiness adds to yours meaningfully. Yet I am asking you, at this moment, to feature your desires for yourself and not for the world or anyone else in it. I am asking you about your deepest desires, what you crave most, what you want more than anything else, what will make you happy more than anything else today. I am not even, at this juncture, asking you about your desire for conscious Union with Me. I am asking you to express the biggest relative desire that comes out of your heart today.

Perhaps it is easier for you to choose three than one. Then choose three intimate desires of your heart. There is no limit on how many you can have.

A step in the direction of knowing your utmost desires is a step in the direction of fulfilling them. As you write down what you most want, you may already notice their arrival. Maybe your dreams are not so far off as you have thought. Maybe they are right here, crowding their way in.

Perhaps last year you were desiring what you now have before you.

Will you believe that dreams come true? Dreams are not meant to be false. They are meant to be true. They are meant to come true for you. They are the possibilities in your life. They do not have to come true. But they like to be invited.

Of course, some dreams come true before you thought of them. Perhaps you didn't know how much you desired something until it reached you. And then you knew you had wanted it all along. It's just that you hadn't thought of it beforehand.

Most of your dreams are little things really. They don't ask for much. It is such a little thing for your dreams to come true! A dream is a thought that you extend around the universe. It does not have to be a stretch.

In actuality, it makes little difference in your life whether your dreams are fulfilled or not . You may think it's a big thing, but when it happens, it isn't much at all. It is just another occurrence in your life. Even when it is most wonderful, it is still something you have to deal with.

If you desire a beautiful new home, you are still the one who has to move into it.

If you desire to be a movie star, you are still the one who has to act.

If you desire a great love to come to you, you are still the one who has to love.

How much different really is life with dreams fulfilled than life with dreams brewing?

The life you have now is surely someone's dream. It may have been your own once.

And then there are dreams you have dreamed your whole life long, and where are they? But you are not to be discouraged. In the dreaming alone, there is a fulfillment. You had a wonderful dream rather than not having one. Admit it. You were richer for your dream.

Dreams stimulate your heart. At the same time, they ease it. Your dreams are swimming towards you. Now is your chance to start swimming towards them.