You Are a Messenger Sent

God said:

Hold a vision of life before you, life as you would have it be. It is not that life, as you see it, is wrong, for We know that the underlying Truth of Life holds strong and overtakes any surface display.

I am saying that life can be more of what you want it to be. And what I want it to be. I am saying that it is not for you to throw up your hands about life, as if it were a scalawag you can't do anything about. You do have something to do with life as it is lived in the world and as you live it.

Live in the world as though you were the determiner of it, as though the world looked to you for guidance, as though the world is a shadow that follows you and imitates you at every turn. There is truth in this. You are the conductor of the world. You swing the baton. You set a tone, and the tone you set is played.

You are important to this manifestation of Creation. Knowing that you are important does not increase your ego. It allays it. When you know your importance, you don't need ego. Rather, when you know your importance, you are humbled.

Humbled, you know Who you are and you know what you have to do. When you know the Truth of yourself, you know, really know, the Truth of Me. You would actualize your knowledge. You would know the power of your life on earth, and you would use it well. You would become a flute of love, and play fluted music.

You would not fritter life. You would relish every delicious moment. In this moment (this moment could be called faith) a new world would dance before your eyes. And you would be the lead dancer. You would be the one who danced the most. Everyone would wish they could dance the dance of life like you, and they would start dancing, and before you knew it, you wouldn't know which dancer you were, for you are, of course, all of them, and they are you as well.

Let your life hold promise for the world and everyone in it. Let your heart be a joyful giver, and there will be dancing in the streets. Hearts united with Mine can only dance. Truly, life is lived in the heart. Life is influenced by the mind, but it is lived in the heart.

The world is contained in your heart. Your heart has responsibility for the world.

Do not feel this as a great duty you must fulfill. You can think that way, if you like, but that does not help. The world feels burdened with responsibility as it is. You are to unburden it.

Your duty, if duty be, is to be great joy. The world cries for joy. And now you know you are to give it. Everyone can give joy. Even a little speck of it is still joy. Even when you don't feel joy in your heart, you can give some. Give Mine.

Do not feel sad that you have not always given joy. Now giving joy will be your frame of reference. It will become the theme of your life. You will give honest joy. You will lighten hearts because you appear, and because you know full well, that you are a Messenger sent from the One Who would have you give His joy to the world.