God said:

Harmony does not mean dissembling. Harmony is not giving in. Harmony is not a love-in. It is not agreement on everything or even most things, but it is agreement that there is room for all and their hearts and minds. Others' ways do not have to concur with yours. Harmony is freewheeling openness.

Just as all have their own paths, all have their thoughts and ideas and needs and wants, and there is room for all of them in the universe and in your life. You are not a picker and chooser of others' point of view.

When you free others to where they are, there is harmony. When they don't have to agree with you, harmony arises. When you allow, harmony can only enter.

Keeping still does not create harmony.

Allowing everyone their right to be brings harmony.

Harmony is feeling friendly to the universe.

Harmony can be invited, but it cannot be forced. It is not that you want harmony at all costs. It is that there is no cost to harmony. That is just the point.

Consider harmony a comfortable couch you sink into.

Consider harmony the same as honesty. They are akin.

Harmony with pretense is not harmony. Harmony with holding back is not harmony. Open honesty is harmony. Cards on the table is harmony.

Everyone wants harmony, so they say, but they think there is a price for it. That error of thought keeps harmony away.

There is no investment in harmony. That's just the point. Let go of investment, and you have harmony.

Illusion of harmony is not harmony.

There are many mistaken ideas about harmony. That's why there isn't more of it.

You may think that harmony is fanciful. But that is because you think it isn't real. You think there can only be show of harmony while hard feelings fester underneath, put away for as long as you can. That may be your experience. And on a later day, the bottled disharmony erupts. Then it can dissolve. Out in the open, it can dissolve. Disharmony repressed is not harmony.

What is so hard about an honest disagreement?

What is so good about dishonest agreement?

Be careful what you slough off. It may bite you later.

You have a responsibility to be honest. There is no profit in not.

Honesty does not mean pointing out the flaws. Honesty doesn't mean being picky. It means you know you have the right, privilege, and responsibility to be in your truth. That does not mean going along. It doesn't mean debate. It means being where you are. It means openness to the Humaness and soul of every being, including your own.

Harmony, like honesty, is an approach to life.

It is like shopping. When you shop, you don't buy everything. And you don't push everything away. You take a look at the oranges. You may touch them. Some you buy, and some you don't. You don't feel antagonistic to the oranges you don't choose to buy.

When you go to the library, you pick out the books you want. You don't rail at the others. And you don't have to read all those that you take out. At some point, you return them to their place on the shelves. In and out go library books.

And in and out in your life go people and ideas. They come in and they go out. Some you keep, and some you don't. Nothing is made to come and nothing is forced to go. It is a natural flow. That is harmony, allowing life, the weaving in and out, to weave itself.

You allow, but that is not the same as giving permission. Allowing means you know permission is not needed. Not to you nor from you. Allow.

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What I really love about

What I really love about this letter, and the other Heavenletters in this vein, is that it busts the idea (my idea, at times) that love is always sweet and gentle, that spirituality is somehow about everybody being 'nice'... that because we know resentment is of the ego, and anger is never justified (to quote A Course in Miracles) we somehow aren't harbouring them nonetheless. Beloveds, take a look at what you have swept under the carpet! I hear God say, Before you stumble and fall on your own pretense of 'harmony'...