Unfinished Love

God said:

All love is unfinished. Don't you know that?

That means that all love is unending.

Love you gave in the past continues. Every kindness you ever gave continues. The waves of love continue. You are riding on them. They transport you. All the love you ever extended continues to extend.

Every connection you have ever made with the heart of another continues its outpouring. How many years ago doesn't matter, for in the matter of love, there is no time. Love is exclusive of time. Love is too momentous to fit into the corners of time.

Love has to go somewhere. It never settles down. It takes everything with it in its swath.

The whole course of your life is a travelogue of love. Your life points out things to you. Love stars in your life. Start noticing that. Start noticing all the love that is given. And accepted. Quietly given, and quietly accepted. Not in crescendo does love impart itself, but in whisper, constant whisper. Listen.

Love is the substance from which you are made. I declare it. Love is the dust, and love is the flame. Love is the medium of life, and the medium of your life. Love flows, and takes you with it. Only you don't always know what is going on. You don't always know where you are. Most of the time, you don't know where you are.

You think love is something other than you. You think love is something you pick up every now then in pieces. You think it is something imparted to you once in a while, when you are good perhaps, but you don't know how good you are and how much love you impart.

You are too good to keep to yourself.

Sometimes you only notice yourself in others.

Well, then, notice the love in others, and you will see your own.

Start noticing love, the little evidences of it. Evidences may be small, but love never is small. It cannot be. Smallness is a contradiction to love. Smallness can not fit into the greatness of love. Only greatness befits greatness.

Love is sweet and cannot conceive of sour.

Love is purposeful and powerful. It is the greatest power on earth, and it is your greatest power. Now is when you unleash your love for creation and all created beings. Now is when you remove the cloak you have been wearing and declare yourself love to yourself. You are the only one who has to know the title you wear. But emblazon love itself across the entire universe.

The universe has been waiting for your love to reveal itself to itself.

Say to yourself this morning:

"I am love. I am nothing else. There is nothing else in the whole world for me to be but love. It is the easiest thing in the world to acknowledge the love that I am. I am only love. Only love is. I float on love. I moor in love. I am God's embodiment of love. From love I came, and to love I go. My life is based on love, for there is no other basis to life.

"Love never runs out. There is no bottom to it. I am a bottomless pit of love. I am a ceilingless height of love. The love in my heart dwells on earth as it dwells in Heaven. I am an incubus of love. My genes are love. My DNA is love. What circulates in my veins is love. My cells are love, deep within themselves, and my very breath is love, for it is God that I breathe in and breathe out.

"I stand on the summit of love. From this summit, I see life as it is, not as it is purported to be. From the summit of love, I see very well, and I see into the eyes of everyone I meet, and I see God there, and I welcome the love I see and the love I sow. Love welcomes itself. And I am all the love in the world and in Heaven. I AM."