In the Midst of Chaos

God said:

Peace is already yours. In the midst of chaos, peace is still yours. It belongs to you.

If there were no need for argument, peace would reign in its full splendor. Argument drowns out the silence of peace.

Why is there need for argument? There is even argument made in My Name! I have no sides. There are no sides of Me to take. There are no two ways about Me.


God said:

Harmony does not mean dissembling. Harmony is not giving in. Harmony is not a love-in. It is not agreement on everything or even most things, but it is agreement that there is room for all and their hearts and minds. Others' ways do not have to concur with yours. Harmony is freewheeling openness.

Just as all have their own paths, all have their thoughts and ideas and needs and wants, and there is room for all of them in the universe and in your life. You are not a picker and chooser of others' point of view.

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