Everything in the Universe Is Yours

God said:

You do not see the path you are walking on. You may not even know you are walking on a path, yet you are not pathless. You are following a course on Earth, perceptible or imperceptible as it may be.

Does the Earth that orbits the sun know it follows an orbit? An orbit does not have to be named or known in order to be followed. You are orbiting Heaven, beloveds. Of course you are. What else could you be doing?

The path you walk in your lifetime may zigzag, and yet it is, nevertheless, a path. A path is not one way alone. It may be smooth one day and rocky the next. A path may be arid, and it may be muddy. It may be flower-filled or weed-taken. A path you follow may be a winding river or a gentle stream or a straight pass through a mountain. A path may climb up a mountain, or climb up a tree. A path may go down into the pit of a mine. There is no limitation to the terrain of paths. The numbers of paths echo the numbers of My children. No two paths are alike, and yet there is One Destination. There are no multiple destinations. One Destination alone. One Destination for everyone.

Now, even as I say that you walk a path, you are the Stillness that does not walk anywhere. You have already arrived at your destined Destination. You never left it, beloveds. You are journeying to where you never left and already are. And yet this is a mighty purpose in your life — to find yourself where you never left, to discover that you can't go anywhere because you never left AND, all the while, there is nowhere to go anyway!

You ride a silent elevator. You are wafted on the wind. You await yourself in Heaven while you frolic on Earth.

Feel how beautiful this is. Feel your Oneness with Me and with Heaven and everyone. As you do, you who are Stillness, expand into the Vastness of Nothingness, and you rise even higher. Think of all you receive and all you give.

Beloveds, even in this illusory world on Earth, there is no place you have not been. There are no shoes you have not walked in. There is no heart that hasn't touched yours. There is no joy or woe that hasn't entered your heart. There is nothing in all of Heaven and all of Earth that is not yours. All there is has been lodged in your heart. You are a throb of everyone's heartbeat.

What anyone has experienced, you have experienced. There is no getting away from this. You are every cry on Earth, and you are every laugh. There is nothing known or unknown in the Universe that is not yours.

What you are conscious of is another story. What you are conscious of is limited. But what you are and who you are, are boundless.

You are all kinds of music. You are every note played and not yet played. Every note composed or not yet composed. You are the music played and the music heard.

Beloveds, what a tiny photo you have kept in the wallet of yourself!

The world is expanding before your very eyes. The world is expanding because you are. You are the precursor of the world. You are the one who creates it. You are the chef who has all the ingredients and knows what to include and what to leave out. You are the one with the vision to know what you want to make, and then you make it.

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So lovely this Heaven letter

So lovely this Heaven letter from God, In my opinion each one of us is so much more valuable and capable than we can scarce begin to imagine... If we look inside our hearts we can see Gods Love is right here within each He wants for us to Love each other .. for Wars, fighting to stop... Live in Peace, Harmony as he intended for us...
Love Is God... God Is Love so this is all We need.... to live His way for us

Yes! So well said, dear

Yes! So well said, dear Daisy. May we fulfill God's Will right now, today.

Reply to "Everything in the Universe is yours"

To comment on this HeavenLetter is suuperfulous. It says it all in the format of God's gentle voice.
Last evening I watched a TV program for the 4th of July that showed a group of men who were visiting Iwo Jima with their sons to show them some of what they went through. I remembered so well the "path" in those difficult days. I refused to carry a gun so I was a medic but remember too well the machine gun fire, the occasional Zero flying overhead. I have seen the world expand because I expanded with it but as the letter says: "The picture in my wallet is so tiny of the being who lived those bewildering hours. The "PATH" gets more and more beautiful as I move along it.
Thanks for the letter!
George the wrinkled

A quote from a lovely

A quote from a lovely Soul,
"Such beauty crowded in a tiny space. In its smallness it touched me in a big way."
Thank you for sharing your path with us George. And thank God/Gloria for Heavenletters.

Love, Light and Aloha!

Love note to Karen

Now there's a Karen woven in the glorious fabric of my consciousness.
I love you honey for taking time to talk a few love notes with a very old man,
One who cherishes the love filled flowers along my path. Thanks, Honey
George the crazy about life and wrinkles

Beloved George, not a very

Beloved George, not a very old man. When you are 103, you can say you are an old man. Until then, it is forbidden! Anyway, a beautiful soul lights all of our hearts. How much love do you think most of us get, dear one, just shared so nicely?

Reply to precious What's her hame & and her helpers

I really do wonder what it will be like to feel 103. My aunt Gert actually spoke at the ordination of her Great Grandson when she was 100 years old. I have the uncanny suspicion that letters from YOU will force me into that joyful corner of LIFE'S PATH. You give life to every thing you touch. You are sort of a holy photosynythesis that moves all things toward and into the LIGHT, I suppose that's why, to me, you are one of God's special Light Bearers. What a song you sing to us all! Love

Most dear friend, how many

Most dear friend, how many times do I have to tell you that the bearer of the message is not the One Who sent the message! I suspect you are incorrigible. What a dear incorrigible you are, beloved George.

Incorrigible George who may use Botox

Abraham Maslow once spoke to my heart a word that the MEDIA IS THE MESSAGE. You just happen to frame a very striking portrait of the Christ I happen to know real well and love. No matter which way HE turns HE looks and acts just like you. Like you He too chooses to be unmentionable but has been known to say: "You see me you've seen the FATHER. I of Myself can do nothing." Sounds just like you too. No wonder I love you both like sprinkles of Heaven dust on my sweetest memories! Do you think Botox would help my wrinkles? Love you a bit more
George the incorrigible and wrinkled old goat

Heaven's Dust

Hi George I don't think Botox would help and love your wrinkles.. God made us just as we are ... How can we change that which is perfect already... Each one of us in God;s eyes are perfect even me with my limp... that makes me walk like a Penguin lol... well all i can do I do with the Strength He gives me... Perhaps we can share some Heaven dust... and have more Happy Memories Luv Karen

Sweet Daisy, you full of IT.

Sweet Karen do you suppose that there's a divine sort of Botox, sort of a Godly love potion that makes people very precious to us even if we don't really know them? I don't know you at all and yet I enjoy a deep caring about what you said and what I have come to know as the form God fashioned as YOU. You're sweet! Thanks

A wonderful love note that

A wonderful love note that made my day, and feel very special... Such a vision of a peacefilled world....

that comes from deep within my soul .. If i could fill the arms of fighting men with flowers instead of guns, then my life would be worthwhile... Can you imagine their faces.. and the Smiles.. so we are free to Walk the Extra mile with God.. and glad our paths have crossed... Luv Daisy

Slow down to smell those flowers

Hi George, i feel priveledge to share love notes and this has lifted my spirits on what has been a difficult week.... but perhaps we can put aside the problems a while and slow down to Smell the flowers a while...
just made my week... thank you George.

4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said in your life
There is One Destination
Yet multiple paths

God said in Heaven
While you frolic on the Earth
You await yourself

God said all is there
Feel how beautiful this is
Feel Oneness with Me

God said Beloveds
Know what you want then make it
For you are boundless

Love, Light and Aloha!

Hi each i was very moved by

Hi each i was very moved by such lovely messages to mine... and yes i feel There is one Destination and glad we do not have to travel alone.. for you all are indeed dear friends and travelling companions
when we reach our Destination.. will be a Home coming party.. we share His Oneness... In Love.. Luv Daisy

Reply to Daisy the divine wick in Life's Lamp

Daisy, or Karen, or however you express your endless form: You have this letter in your e-mail:

I think I'll leverage the Universe for my new friend Karen so that she'll
Become aware of the energy she lovingly sent to me in that sweet acknowledgement of my comments to her. I'd sort of like to know if I was in touch with her form or her essence, like expressed in her very special Heavenletter. Sweet Karen please let me know when you have your next hip replacement so I can send you some energy. After my stroke I had to learn to walk, talk, type, and dress myself so I know the need for energy. As my darling wife slipped to eternal rest I knew the need for REAL energy, you know, like the energy you just sent. Thank you dear ONE. Love
P.S. Karen, some day I'll share some of my experiences on Iwo Jima or the Philippenes during the II World War. As a medic I learned how much men need love and understanding during their transition. luv yu

Hi George I would love to

Hi George I would love to hear of your experiences.. I cannot begin to imagine what must have been like in World War II as well i am only young 48 and have little experience except that I would want for each and everyone of those men the love,understanding in their healing and to be healed... I am so moved by this has given me much to think about .. . thank you P.s I wish everyone who is sick and suffering prayers that God can Heal them... that they can feel God's Love.. Luv Karen

Reply to Daisy the divine wick in Life's Lamp

Karen Darling:
I call everyone darling. It turns out that that's what they are. Thanks for the condolence regarding the passing of my wife. I had the joy of having her for 64 years. She finished her course at age 81. Atrial fib had required open heart surgery but even before that she was approaching the lovely threshold of her path; she knew it, called each of our children to her side, loved on them, laughed with them, told her baby who is two years older than you where she wanted him to spread her ashes, then told me that she wanted to pass in Georgia so American Airlines lovingly took us here. She lived one more week. On her last day she raised her sweet happy face in surprise and said: "Hon, who are the two men with the keys?" I lovingly replied that we were alone in the house. She smiled a crooked, darling smile and said: "Sweetie, there's one at the foot of my bed and one over by my port a potty." As evening closed around us she said: "Honey, cuddle me now!" One of her celestial guides told her that God's Clock was chiming for her. I got in bed fully dressed, held her precious, wasted form and sang to her quietly for two hours until her eyes closed in what seemed to me to be sleep, when it really was REST. Sure I miss her. In a happy way I grieve that she is not at my side. Adjustment is slow.
The war is unspeakable. On very few occasions I talk about seeing my friends shooting young Japanese boys running out of caves with their clothes burning. I watched big bulldozers push the burned men into holes in the sand and cover them. We were too busy to contemplate the implications of what we were seeing; we didn't take time or have the time to feel things then. My ship, an APA 143 came close to going down twice while I was aboard. No, I wasn't afraid, we were too busy. But then, death has never frightened me. Thanks for the e-mail. Love
George the wrinkled happy elf

It's only a few months since

It's only a few months since this Heavenletter was first published. How unbeleavably new it is today. And how almost frightening in its vastness. No limits anywhere, not in what we are, not in where we are, not in what we can be or do or even have and create. Everything we usually think of as spread out in time and space is really "always" and "everywhere" all at once, and it seems that with the adjustment of our eyes and hearts we choose, we select, what we will see and hear and experience at any given "moment". The old photo will not help us to hear music not yet composed.

You are every note played and not yet played. Every note composed or not yet composed. You are the music played and the music heard.

Dear dear Jochen

Some are born to sing,
Some are born singing.
The song you sing to us all is the melody of God's most precious gift;
Freedom, the kind that comes when we are called, in love, to say a word about the song.
Your song sings to us about love, about freedom, about YOU, the real you that floats on your words of love.
In this momen of exploration we cry in desperation about the limits our EGO tries to put within,
We shout back that this new place is where we now live.
It's smells like home, tasts like home, it's where we choose to BE.
Our love for you grows and grows.

George singing this new song of freedom

called, in love, to say a word about the song

Ah, that's George. Ten timeless words.

I think though that i might

I think though that i might like to dance, especially now i have two new hips... to sway to the rhythm of the music playing... to dance this life full with Joy and love in our Hearts.... mines bursting overflowing with God's love
I will sprinkle love's joy and happiness where my feet dance... around the world... Luv Karen

Karen, you have two new

Karen, you have two new hips! Yes, I think the first dance with George has to be yours!

Glad to have you back!

Karen darling I just got blown away

Karen darling, your two new hips give you Grace to waltz on God's stage
all covered with your star kissed petals of love made real.
The first dance for me! You'll have to be patient with this old geezer
Who pretends to be a guyer. It's the words that do it, they pull or push
and I am drawn into the webbing of love's most cherished place of
becoming who I really am, young again in HIM who invented youngness
so that we could go bounding off across the HILLS of knowing HIM.
The second dance I hope for is with Gloria.

George making his cane swirl

George, to dance with you

George, to dance with you will be Heaven.

Gloria dear

Now I can only shuffle the fox trot but know that I'm in heaven waiting for you, the music's playing a slow one just for us. Sweet One I sent you a poem I wrote for you but it may not belong on the forum. What a place that's become because of you!

George filled with awe

Hi George, Gloria and

Hi George, Gloria and everyone how sweet you all are

I accept your offer George for the first dance, and we can be patient and young at heart together.. and i love your sweet wise words of wisdom... . Luv Karen

Daisy you are too much!

You make my heart go pitta pat
And all the while my cane goes tap tap.
Your words give LIFE and joy.

George all a dither

Hi George, sweetie... your

Hi George, sweetie...

your sweet words they make me smile and laugh...in your very special way... you make a day seem more wonderful in everyway.. Luv Karen

Hi George, Gloria, Mike...

Hi George, Gloria, Mike... and all...

you are all so sweet and lovely very dear friends... just think forever

yep you know you should really all listen to God or whatever or whoever you like to call him... for this one Gloria has wonderful words... oh so true, life is short and it is up to each one of us, to follow our passions and dance along our paths, to do those things with which we dream
to step out the light fantastic.... for everyday, everymoment
is special and sacred to give God His praise and His Glory... just imagine what a better world we can all make such a difference oooh Luv Karen