When Guilt Sets In

God said:

When you start to feel guilty, it is a sign that your selfishness and ego have crept in. Your selfishness and ego are indeed the harbingers of your guilt.

You are vital in the universe, but do not think that your so-called sins or omissions are the warp and the woof of it. They are incidental.

When you feel guilty, you are most assuredly thinking of yourself, and in your vanity, you make a small picture of yourself. You call attention to yourself. Your sense of guilt doesn't say you are responsible. It says, "Woe is me! I am not as perfect as I thought I was. I have fumbled the ball!"

You are so involved in yourself that your fumbling the ball makes you feel bad, and that feeling bad you identify as guilt.

Now, identify guilt as ego, pure and simple. Guilt is self-flagellation, and that is always ego.

Remorse is not honorable. Remorse is a time-stalker.

When you feel guilty, start to feel guilty about feeling guilty and get up and hit the ball again. Fumble if you must. But fumbling is better than stewing. Stew no more. Get out of the past, even if the past was only yesterday or a moment ago.

Guilt is a disguise. It wears a guise of being repentant, but it is really egotistic. You think repentance is heroic, and you like to milk it for all its worth. It is worth little. It is being locked in the past. It is not in My list of virtues.

Acknowledge that you would see and do differently next time, and then forget about it. Pick yourself up. Do not grovel on the ground with guilt.

Pick guilt off you like a giant tick. Fling it away. Burn it. But get it off you. Kick it away. Tell it to not bother you again.

All learning is from the past.

Think of what I just said.

Vow to be smarter and wiser and better all you want, but what you really want and really must have is openness. Each situation has its valor. You cannot know ahead of time. You cannot figure it out. That is only delay. Figuring out and delay are not life. They are only figuring out and delay.

The best you can be is open.

Ask Me as you begin your day to help you be open. Openness is meeting life with Me in your heart.

Openness isn't weak. Openness isn't wishy-washy. Openness is belief in yourself and belief in Me.

Past experiences are past experiences. Going by the past as a rule book is control. Control trips you up. Control makes you stiff. What do you think arthritis is?

And where does control come from but from fear? You fear that if you do not corral life and the people in it, that you will be trampled.

Guilt is a great control mechanism. It is a valve that doesn't work.

Erase the concept of guilt. Guilt is belief in error. It is a personification of judgment. Guilt is really cowardly, and it makes promises it may not keep. It is much more heroic to not feel guilty and to embrace life and yourself. You are not faulty. The sum of you is not fault. You have a faulty picture of yourself. It is a faulty picture to make of any child of Mine.

Choose guilt or choose life.

Choose past or choose present.

Choose defeat or choose lift-off.

Choose to walk along scuffing your shoes or choose to fly with the angels.

Emulate the angels.

They are not so serious about the past.

They are lightly in the present. They are light in the present.

And you are My light on Earth. Sense of guilt puts blinders on your light. I set you, My light on Earth, to shine Me before all the world to see.

Guilt darkens. It believes in the myth of error. It holds error dear.

Hold truth dear. Be My disciple who flings cloaks of guilt away and lifts My light high. The higher you lift My light, the higher your arm reaches. Reach high, not low.

Lift yourself up and come to Me right now.


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