God's Hand

God said:

Sense of guilt wastes your time. There are far better things to do with your time. If you have associated Me with guilt in the past, disassociate Me from guilt and you will know Me and Our closeness better. Guilt is a great curtain, a room divider. It divides Heaven and Earth.

Guilt No More

God said:

Guilt is not honorable. It is a repeated appraisal. It is ego supreme. You punish yourself with guilt, as if punishment would erase error. Erase the concept of guilt. Erase the concept of sin, and guilt will evanesce.

Who are you to lend so much importance to what you see as error? In terms of the whole configuration of the universe, you cannot say with certainty what error is. You see only such a small part of life. Merely the twitch of a horse's tail.

When Guilt Sets In

God said:

When you start to feel guilty, it is a sign that your selfishness and ego have crept in. Your selfishness and ego are indeed the harbingers of your guilt.

You are vital in the universe, but do not think that your so-called sins or omissions are the warp and the woof of it. They are incidental.

When you feel guilty, you are most assuredly thinking of yourself, and in your vanity, you make a small picture of yourself. You call attention to yourself. Your sense of guilt doesn't say you are responsible. It says, "Woe is me! I am not as perfect as I thought I was. I have fumbled the ball!"

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