What You Were Made For

God said:

You have ideas of what Truth is or should be. You have ideas of what I should say. Your ideas are preconceived. They are not open but closed. You let in and you keep out.

When I say something that fits in with your presumption of Truth, you nod your head. When it does not, you shake your head and feel: "God doesn't have that quite right… God could do better… Gloria wasn't clear today…"

It is not unanimous, that which one nods at and another shakes his head at. One nods at a specific thought, and another shakes his head at the same thought. Opinions vary. Opinions are based on a previous conception. Opinions are judgments. It is perfectly all right to have opinions, but know that that is all they are, and do not rely on them so resolutely.

I suggest that you doubt your long-held beliefs, and give Me the benefit of the doubt.

Let go of what you have previously held on to as a standard. Your standards are man-made. The truth may have been diluted or restricted, and sometimes lost.

You may hold onto your idea of standard more than Me. What does not match your picture, you may snub.

You may say, "This is good. This isn't so good." Or, "That could be true sometimes, but not every time." Or, "Not in my case anyway." And so you judge the truth of My statements.

Is this not true that you weigh what I say? And sometimes it seems like a toss-up to you, and you favor what you have accepted in the past.

Sometimes you acknowledge that you do not quite grasp. Such acknowledgement is productive. Outright dismissal of parts of what I say, as if you know better, is nonproductive. It keeps you bound to what you have always thought or learned.

Do you want to learn or do you want confirmation of what you already had learned?

Confirmation is wonderful. It tacks Truth into you more deeply and confidently.

When your idea is not confirmed, it will loosen unless you hold on to it. At some point, you have a choice to accept what I say or to deny it. You cannot let go of your old thought when you do not admit Mine as something to be considered.

I am not saying that you must swallow whole-hog everything I say. You have done enough swallowing in the past. I just ask you to consider what I say, consider the possibility that there is something to learn there. It is not only comfort and confirmation that you are looking for. It is something more. It is something much more.

Those of you who know the least may know the most. Those of you who may know the most may know the least.

Willingness to learn is openness. Openness is willingness to grow. You do want to grow, don't you? You don't want to just stay the same? You do not want all of My answers to be on the surface level, do you? You do not think any longer that only the outer matters, do you?

What the world says and what I say often do not match. Look to the world for your answers, and you will be definite. Look to Me, and you will be open.

And what is it that you will be open to?

You will be open to more of the love in your own heart. It is that simple. We are pulling love out of you.

Staying the same is keeping your boundaries. Keeping your boundaries is the same as keeping love in and love out. Boundaries let your love go only so far. From here to there, to this distance only.

As you open and your boundaries poof away, you find out there is no distance, and no differences. Boundaries are borders. They are lines that keep you in and something else out. Boundaries (closed-mindedness) are not love. That which keeps in and keeps out is not love. And you were made for love.

What is not love is not love.

And you were made for love.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said look to Me
There is something more to learn
You were made for love

Love, Light, and Aloha!