What Is God to You?

God said:

Be not attached even to My words. It is not My words that you have to know or recite. It is the love and opportunity they give you that are to be known.

My words are like an embrace of love, My arms clasping you to My breast. It is not the clasp you have to know. It is not the embrace you have to know. It is the Oneness of Our love which encompasses beyond My embrace.

A father supports his children, but the father is much more than a provider. What is beyond his working to support his family?

In the same vein, it is not what I say to you or do for you. It is what I am to you, whether in your conscious awareness or not.

What am I to you? I am your Source. I am your Founder. I am your Finder. I am your sustenance. But what am I to you?

What magic do I weave when My words wash over you?

What is water to you? You splash in it. It cools you and refreshes you, but water has its power beyond its ministration to you.

So, what am I to you?

I am your Being. I am the Warp and Woof of you and the Weaver of you, but I am much more. I am your Voice and Harmonic Tones, and yet, what am I to you?

What am I, this indefinable God that is spoken of so much, so seriously and so lightly?

What am I to you?

Where and how do I exist and what makes Me so instrumental in your life? What is My domain, and What and Who am I? And What am I to you?

Words cannot tell it. I am beyond words and the story they tell.

I am That Which travels and stays still.

I am That Which roams and never wanders.

I am That Which has everything and yet seeks for you.

I am on high, and I am on Earth. My abode is in Heaven, and I reside in your heart.

I am a puzzle, but I am much more than a puzzle. I am the Question, and I am the Answer, and I am much more.

I am God Almighty, All powerful, All love, All kindness, All in All, All of All.

I am the light that surrounds you. I am the Light of Heaven reflected in your eyes.

I am unseen, and yet I am All.

I am the essential nature of you.

You catch a glimpse of Me, but you do not hold Me in your sight.

You move Me, even as I am immovable.

I am God Almighty.

There is no other power like Mine. There is no love like Mine. My love is My power, and it is also yours.

Partake of My love. It is contained in My words. My words reach out to you and pull you Heavenward, but it is not My words that pull you. It is My Magnificence that pulls the magnificence of you to Me.

I gave you everything so that you would know My love. Flowers, children, color, Human souls, sentient beings, sun and moon were not enough for you. You wanted My love proved. That which is proof itself needs no proof. It needs only lovers.

So be My love and answer true. Your life will be your answer to Me.

And I shall listen and watch while My love revolves the world.

What are you to Me? You are My joy. That is all you need to know.

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All you need to know.

"So be My love and answer true. Your life will be your answer to Me."

This sure made me think about how I live my life and how much better I will live it from this moment forth, as God's Joy.

Love to All,