What If You Could?

God said:

What if you could remove the word they from your vocabulary? Then from whom would you be separated? You would not see anyone sitting across from you as opposite to you, and you would not be opposed to anyone's existence. No longer would you ever feel infringed upon, for you would know that everyone is yourself and due all the love and honor in the world and Heaven that you deserve and that you may presently feel has been denied you or taken away from you. You would never feel lack again. You would understand everything and misunderstand nothing.

What Is God to You?

God said:

Be not attached even to My words. It is not My words that you have to know or recite. It is the love and opportunity they give you that are to be known.

My words are like an embrace of love, My arms clasping you to My breast. It is not the clasp you have to know. It is not the embrace you have to know. It is the Oneness of Our love which encompasses beyond My embrace.

A father supports his children, but the father is much more than a provider. What is beyond his working to support his family?

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