The Holy of Holies

God said:

What do you think holiness is? Do you think it is something way beyond you? Do you think holiness is something superhuman? Do you think it is something ordinary mortals are incapable of? Do you think holiness is a rarity?

Holiness is not an above-the-crowd something. Holiness is not holier than thou. Thou art holiness.

You have thought you were crassness, ignorance. You have thought you were merely a Human being, and you have not thought much of Human beings. You have often thought they were cruel to the point of inhumanity. You have read so, heard so, and perhaps seen so. At best, you have seen mortal man as weak, fallible, struggling, suffering, falling back, futile, grasping, trying to get a toehold on a slippery mountain called life.

And so you have followed in the footsteps of incompleteness, and you have cast yourself down. And you have omitted holiness from your life, made it not only something unattainable but also unwanted. Who would really choose to be this self-sacrificing paragon of virtue that you think holiness portrays?

The adjective holy can only apply to that which you think holiness is not inherent to. The word "holiness" came about because mankind thought pure love was something foreign to itself. They thought it was superhuman, and they knew they were only human. Human was thought to be a sub-strata, a condition to apologize for, an embarrassment. And so holiness was made as something outside humanness.

In truth, holiness is a very Human quality. Holiness is not something outside your realm. Holiness is not goody-goody. You do not call angels holy. You assume they are. You call them angels. They are angels. They are what they are. You accept as matter of fact that they are holy. And so are you. Holiness is a natural quality of humanness. Holiness is not apart from you.

You call Me holy. I have been called the Holy of Holies. Well, who are the Holies I am the Holiest of if not you?

Christ, who you will agree was holy, was a mortal man. If he stood taller than you, it is because he knew his connection to Me and, therefore, his true state. You don't know yours, or you won't believe it. You hesitate to reach your full height. What do you think would happen if you stood up to the height to which you were born?

Holiness sees things as they are. It is that simple. Holiness is not something out of your range. It belongs to ordinary citizens of the universe just like you.

Holiness is not sacrifice. It is not a parade. It is simple Humanity at its finest. Any service you give with love is holy. Any drop of love you give is holy. Love has its own height, as do you. But there is no ceiling to that height. It reaches to Heaven, and Heaven has no line drawn over it either.

Nor are there demarcations on you, My beloveds.

When you pick up after another, that is holiness. When you wipe the brow of another, that is also holy. When you give love to other creatures on earth, what is that but holiness? And do not the beasts of the earth give great wholeness? Small moments of joy are hallowed. Give yourself joy, and give yourself credit for joy. Holiness is not obnoxious nor unreachable. It is a daily occurrence. And it is a daily occurrence in your life.

Is this not a holy moment with Me? I hold you in My holiness. Behold.

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Holiness Oh God is what I am in You. I am set apart I am consecrated to become everything You have created me to be. I am not quite there,I am on the narrow road to holiness. Holiness is who You are. There is no God like You. You are the Holiest of Holies.
The earth is Yours and the fullness there of.You are the only God of the universe. sanctify me continue to set me apart for You. I worship only You God the Father of every creature in heaven and on earth. there is none like You oh God.
Living in Him and He in me
loving God for all eternity

Beloved Michelle, reading

Beloved Michelle, reading what you wrote made my heart beat fast. So beautiful. It sounds like Godwriting! Thank you, dear.


It is so fascinating that I was just thinking about Holiness, and really desiring to know how easy it can be to recognize Our Holiness.

Here You are again, dear God, responding to my questions through Your Letters in such a simple, and beautiful way, which makes it undeniable that We are Holy indeed.

I can't even begin to count how many times You have answered by questions through these Letters. I really feel that they are from You. Thank You for this incredible gift of Heaven Letters. And thank you Gloria for being such a great listener, and thank you all of the volunteers who make sure that the website is active and reaching us.

I am blessed.