God said:

Much of the time, life does not go along with your ideas of how it should be. Life often goes along independent of your ideas. You think life has skipped over you or left something out. Consider, if you will, that life is correct, and you have been mistaken. That will be a turn-around in your thinking. Consider that whatever your life is right now, it is yours. Whatever appears in your life is yours to meet. It came to your door.

There is a knock on your door. Whoever knocks, it's your door they're knocking at. You may not have invited a visitor at this moment, or this visitor, but there is a knock on your door, and it is for you to answer. So much hinges, not on who or what is at the door, but how you greet what is there. Your whole life is about opening doors and seeing what is there and taking it from there.

You moan about this and you moan about that, and it is all so unfair and so needless you say. Yet somehow it was needed. If not for you, then for something beyond you. In any case, this is what it is right now. Asked for or unasked for. Welcome or unwelcome, invited or uninvited, someone or something is standing at your door. What difference does it make how they got there? They're there. There is a knock on your door, and it is yours to answer. You cannot ignore it forever.

A man is imprisoned unfairly, let Us say. At some point, he has to stop flailing and be all he wants to be now. Whatever the circumstances, it is his life, and his to move in. Injustice cannot be a deterrent to him. There is too much injustice in the world for a child of Mine to let it be a deterrent.

In a sense, all of My children are imprisoned. And all are trying to get out. Your experience in life is finding a way to not let life in the world cramp you from your destiny. Your life may not be what you ordered, but it is what is delivered. You wanted a different pizza, but you got the one with anchovies. What do you do now? You can return a pizza, I suppose, but you cannot return life. You cannot rewind it. You cannot fast forward it either. Here it is, just as it is. And now you are the next speaker. What do you say, and what do you do?

Everyone's story is a rags to riches story. That is the plot of your life. What do you do now? Where do you go from here? There is a knock at your door. Perhaps you say it is adversity that knocks. Adversity is a stranger to you. It is not your relative. Adversity is not your birthright. Goodness and mercy are. Be good to yourself and merciful, no matter what knocks at your door.

All your life you are opening doors and you are opening packages. There are wrappings, and there is the present itself. Be an eager opener. Perhaps at the bottom of the box is something wonderful, a jewel that you would pass over when you are annoyed or affronted at what you have seen so far.

Maybe you need to get past the door and go out into the world and be a deliverer to it. Perhaps you have doors to knock on yourself. Perhaps you are a bright light to arrive at someone else's door. Perhaps you need to knock and have doors opened to you. If you just stand there, you may wait a long time. Let it be known that you are there. If you have not found a way out, perhaps you can find a way in. I have confidence in you.