The Tides of Life

God said:

In life, you have tried to be crafty. You have tried to figure it out before the event as well as after. You have played odds in life, as if life were the stock market or a bookie establishment. Life is not meant to be calculated.

Life is a stream you enter, not a ledger of accounts.

Life is water you wade into or dive into. Go headfirst, not mind first. Just enter the stream of life. Do not stand fast. Try swimming.

Have you not tried to hold life back? Have you not planted yourself firmly in an attempt to make of yourself a surge protector? But life is for surges. What are waves but surges?

Life does not stand still. That which stands still is not life. A photograph catches life, but only a fraction. A photographer seizes a moment, but a photograph is not life itself. Human life is movement. No pauses in the stream. Even in floating, there is movement. Sleep is not still. It is active. Putting your feet up does not stop the flow of life through which you flow. The stream of life is steady. The flow is invincible. Don't you feel how you are buoyed by the currents of life?

Do not try to fend off life. Do not hold it at a distance.

This you can know ahead of time. Whatever you have to surmount, you will surmount. It is that simple. The waves can topple you all they want, but you rise. Time and time again you rise. There is no sinking; that is, there is no sinking without rising. Therefore, there is no sinking. In truth, there is one motion in life, and it is up. You are on a curve of life, and the curve is upward. You are the Moon waxing.

There is no rise and fall. There is only a swoop, and swoops go down in order to go up. The tide of life swoops you high.

When you are in stillness with Me, resting in the silence of My arms, life is still impelling you. The one motion of life is forward. With Me, you are above the stream, and yet it moves you. This force of life is powerful.

Am I this force of life? It must be so. Do I not carry you in My arms? Do I not raise you high above the waters? While I hold you high, you struggle below. Any divisiveness is yours, My dear ones.

We are One, but you are not one-dimensioned. You live on many levels. Only you have closed your eyes to some. There is much going on around you. On all sides. Right now you are swimming deep in My heart. While in My embrace, you flail your arms and concern yourself with all manner of things. Know I carry you. Your flurries and worries are for naught. In My arms, you cannot drown.

Always you are in My arms. You are in My care. Your worries are yours. They are not Mine. Your worries are not really yours either, yet you made them. You manufactured them. Because you worry, you think you must stave life or solve it when all the while, all you have to do is live it. Not just get through it, but enjoin it. Instead of being wrapped up in life, enrapture yourself with it. That is what life is for, not all the suffering you do. Behold life as My precious blessing handed to you. For that, you will have to see life differently.