The Heaven of God's Heart

God said:

The realm of My heart has no levels. No one who sits in the Heaven of My Heart sits higher than another. No one. Not you. Not anyone. And everyone sits in the Heaven of My heart. In the realm of My heart, there is no one better than you. There is no one less than you. This has to be so because I do not discriminate. I do not make judgments.

My question, if I had a question, is: "Is this child Mine?" And, of course, this child — every child — is Mine. I do not play favorites, or, I could say, all are My favorites. Beloveds, there is not one child of Mine that I do not favor. Each one of Oneness is the child of My heart, and what else is there to say about it?

Are there those who are closer to My Will than others? Certainly. I do not hold against any child of Mine that he is learning and has more to learn. If I did so, would I not then be judging?

If I counted error, beloveds, I would be busy all day on small things. But I am a God of Greatness, and I do not, like you, spend My time on small things. Why, I do not even stop to see small things!

You may be striving to be more. You may be striving to learn all the world's lessons. You may see how far you have to go. I do not waste My time on such trivial pursuits. I see no need to. I do not even consider it. I do not tally your misdemeanors. I see My light in you instead. What would I spend My time and Myself on but that? What else would I care to look at? I am not eager nor quick to look for fault. It does not interest Me. You interest Me, not your worldly success nor failure. You.

I root for you every inch. I know full well that you are the hero of My dream. I also see ahead. I see you running over the finish line, finished with smallness, that is. I see you without all the encumbrances you see yourself with. You keep measuring imagined distances and differences. I see Truth while you see supposition. I instantly see your glory, while your finger traces over past events as if they were momentous. I will consent that they were momentous to you. That is just the point I am making. They were momentous to you, yet I see them as a mere flick of the wrist. You think these momentous events amount to something, whereas I see that you amount to something: Greatness.

You snort and ask: "God, let's be real. How can You possibly say I amount to Greatness? Have you really taken a good look at me lately?"

Yes, My child of love, I certainly have looked at you lately. I am telling you what I see. I encourage you to see as I do. Why don't you look at the lovely sight I do? Why not see with My eyes? Aren't you even a little bit tired of your nearsightedness? Put down your microscopic vision. Trade it in for Mine. With My vision, you will see Wholeness, and wouldn't you like to? Come now, wouldn't you really like to see with My eyes?

I have given you My heart, and now I offer you My eyes. Take them. I can see very well with My heart. I see you. I see your genes. I see you as you are. You see a blur. If you would like to see clearly, see with My eyes. Here, take them. I give you My eyes so that you may see all the gold in the Universe and not miss your own.

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Sitting on HIS lap

This darling writer hit the nail on the head. Now, pushing 84 I know that I am a spoiled kid in the outrageous family of God.
He still runs his hands through my hair of conscious wonderings, He pats my stomach when i eat too much and reminds me that
it's really best to eat wisely and always think positively.
It turns out that HE is altogether lovely, fun, exasperating, and so full of JOY I can't take it all in. But this letter sure helped.
George, the God whisperer

Dear God Whisperer, you

Dear God Whisperer, you whisper very well. What you whisper resounds around the world. We're so glad to have your words here.

God Whisper

Sweetest Nameless by choice:

Letting me know that you see me, makes me more than me. It's like the song about lifting me up to Be more than I can be. This is what you do to the whole world, What a mission God gave to you! You're something else in God's string of pearls.

George breathing deeper. (At 83 I have to.)

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said child of Mine
There is no one less than you
Each one of Oneness

God said I see Truth
I see you as you are now
I see your glory

Love, Light and Aloha!

I see your glory

Darling Alohaligh111111111:

You see our gory as you tell your divine story.
How blessed I am each day having access to the streams of light
Flowing from your verdant love filled mind.
You bless everyone
George twinkleing cause of you

saying hi

My name is Michelle Goodwin! My mom, Marlene Swetlishoff has introduced me to this website and it is giving me lots of inspiration!

I am dealing with lots of health issues and I feel literally alone, confused and not well at all!

I do realize and accept all my illnesses but when I have to deal with chronic migraines on a day to day basis, I am finding it rather tough, difficult and I basically not right at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel completely not well at all and like screaming all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I just want someone to talk to!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Michelle Goodwin

One migraine is too many!

One migraine is too many!

You have come to a good place, dear Michelle.

The people on this forum are incredible. Their love and wisdom are supreme.

How fortunate we are to have this place to meet. Of course, the real meeting place is in the heart of God.

God bless you, Michelle.

With love,


P.S. Does everyone know that it is Marlene, Michelle's mom, who made us so many Heavenletter Youtube presentations? Marlene, if you have a chance, can you easily put in all the links to your presentations in so many languages?

Sweet Michelle:

Michelle, I just got back from a month away and this may be too late to catch your eye but I'd love to talk with you about your health issues if your'd like. Love