Who Could Think of a World with Birds Singing?

God said:

Tell Me, who could think of the singing of birds but I? Who could have thought of such joy as this, such beauty of sound, so in rhythm with the beat of the Universe? The sweet song of birds sings that all is well. Birds sing that I, God, am taking care of everything, and that everything is on cue.

Birds sing My song. Listen and hear. They sing: '"God is love, and God loves you!" Their songs have many variations, but that is the sum and substance: '"God is love, and God loves you."

And birds also are singing that they are very happy communicating the song of My heart to you. What a natural thing it is for birds to sing according to the sun!

Birds know what to sing and when to sing it. And now you know to listen. It is important that you listen. Go outside and listen to the singing of the birds, for they are singing to you. They want to be heard. They want you to hear them. It is exhilarating for My birds to have an audience. They like to sing for you. They are My messengers just as much as you are, only they have been better at it than you.

They do not question. They do not ask: "Am I on cue? Should I really sing? Who am I to think I can sing? Am I on key? Am I singing too much? Nobody will want to listen." No, My beloved birds do not go to the volumes of steps that you do. They merely sing for the glory of God. So, in that sense, they don't care if you listen or not. Singing is the thing, although they do like it when you listen.

Birds sing in delight as they announce the world to itself. How close to Me and all of nature are the birds! They sing well and they listen well. They do not intellectualize Me. They don't try to make themselves something more than they are, or less.

If a bird is a red cardinal, it sings for My joy and entertainment. If a bird is a sparrow, it is glad to be a sparrow who sings for My joy. The sparrow does not envy the red cardinal and wish for the color or voice of a cardinal. Oh, no, the sparrow acknowledges its worthiness to Me just the way it is. You might say that a wren is not ambitious because it doesn't want to be anything more than it already is. It doesn't even occur to a wren to want to be a cardinal. You might say that you have higher standards than a wren because you desire more. A wren doesn't have low standards, beloveds. It's simply that a wren values himself. In that sense, his standards are higher than yours! Frankly, a wren doesn't care what you make of him. He recognizes His connection to Me. He covets no more.

If you were more content with yourself, you would be more like a wren.

A red cardinal is not stuck on itself. It is happy with itself. It's happy to be a red cardinal. Only humankind thinks a cardinal is more than a wren.

All birds know their worth, and they know yours, and yet they are not dependent upon what you think of them. It matters not one whit. A bird simply knows it's wonderful because I know the wonder of it.

Now if you will only know your wondrousness, how happy you would be. And how happy I would like you to be.

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Very beautiful that the

Very beautiful that the example of the cardinal bird was used in this Heavenletter since in many traditions the bird is a symbol of valuing one's self-importance. It fit perfectly. Thank You :)

Beloved Agata, this is very

Beloved Agata, this is very interesting to me. I know the names of the birds that God mentions. I know what they look like. I am always excited when I see a red cardinal. I would be very interested to know about what you know about about cardinals in tradition. Will you kindly tell us?

The sweet song of God's Love...

So sweet that birds are singing all about God's Love for the world and for us. Love has infinite variations...variations on the tunes of Love. Dare we listen? For years I never noticed the sweet melody from birds...And for years I was too afraid, perhaps to acknowledge God's love for me...and for you. Maybe I would think it nonsense. But Now...oh...Now...give me all of it. God give me all of it...so I can pass it on to me and the world...the sweet song of Your Love for me...and You! Sweet blessings...Jim.


Jim, can you ever sing a beautiful song!

This helps me to become a bird of pray

I just can't help wanting to comment on these Heaven messages.
In the subject I meant that this kind of writing helps me to be a bird of PRAY.
No I don't mean bird of prey, like some politician, or pharmaceutical giant.
Pray isn't really the word I want; it's more like worship but that's not it either.
Perhaps the word I'm seeking is "surrender to love's gentle Voice."
I even love the crickets and the sounds of the night. WOW!
This is beginning to make me glad to be me.
George of some kind or other

A rare bird of prayer...

Thank you George for being an exotic bird of prayer.... with so much loving reference for All. Isn't Life so beautiful and amazing...to not get caught up in the interminable trappings of the mind...rather to descend to the gentle expansiveness of the Heart. May every moment for each of us be a loving benediction to our beloved God.
Blessings upon blessings...Jim

Response to Jim's words

Jim, your words remind me of my darling humming birds that eat and play at my two feeders.
Their quickness reminds me of how quickly your words find their way into my absorbing consciousness to bless and make me full.
It's kind of like looking at the baby Llama in the lot next to mine as it romps and feels God's constant Joy flooding it's tiny life. How nice to drink at this fountain of exuberant life! You really bless me.
George always sipping God's nector

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said joy is this
In the rhythm with the beat
Of your wondrousness

God said all is well
God is love and God loves you
And now you know this

God said Beloveds
I know the wonder of you
The sum and substance

Love, Light and Aloha!