heart of God

An Ocean of Love Deep in the Heart of God

God said:

Can it be? Can it really be true that you and I are One? How can it be, you wonder. While you may be immersed in problems, you are well aware that I am free from the concept of problem. In the arena I am in, there is no such thing as problem. There is joy, and there is peace, and there is love. Where can problem exist in the midst of such wonderfulness?

How can you bridge this distance you feel between Us? How can We bridge the gap, beloveds, between the ideas in your head and the Reality That Is? How do We get you to come over to My side of the river?

Your Heart Makes the News Today

God said:

How I love you! I simply love you. You who read this, I love you. And you who do not read this, I love you. You are My beloved. You always were. You are My beloved right now. And you forever will be. Summed up, that means eternally you are Mine, My beloved Mine.

To the Heart of God in All

Gloria to God:

Dear Almighty Father, what would You like to tell me this morning?


You, also, lift up your heart to Me. Offer Me your heart so that it may be filled with joy.

A full heart on earth is like a good wife in the home. She creates harmony and is a settling point for the family.

Earth is your earthly home. Light will spring out of your heart to brighten the earth. As Karen has brightened your life, you will brighten others'.

The Heaven of God's Heart

God said:

The realm of My heart has no levels. No one who sits in the Heaven of My Heart sits higher than another. No one. Not you. Not anyone. And everyone sits in the Heaven of My heart. In the realm of My heart, there is no one better than you. There is no one less than you. This has to be so because I do not discriminate. I do not make judgments.

Your Heart Is a Star of Light

God said:

My grace I give to you. All is My grace. I graciously bestow the world to you and you to the world. I am most gracious in My gifts to you. Sometimes you recognize My gifts as gifts and sometimes you do not. Surely, you must accept that life itself is a gift, and that it makes sense to receive and acknowledge a gift that has been given you. How will your life be different when you recognize life itself as a great gift? You will have thrown off any concepts of life as burden and accepted the grace of God.

Deep in the Heart of God

God said:

It is as if you ride in a car in life. Life takes you somewhere. How you came to be in the particular car you ride in, you don't know. You just know you are riding, and the car takes you with it. You are going somewhere.

Life has a life of its own.

Even when you are the driver, the car does not always steer as you intend. You have your energy, and the car has its. Sometimes you agree, and sometimes you do not. Even so you are in for the ride of your life. You might as well sit back and enjoy it.

The Pool of God's Heart

God said:

Time is a whisper. All the past is a whisper haunting your ear. Hear My Voice. It is worth hearing. And you are worth the listening.

Package up your old thoughts, address them to Me, and drop them in a mailbox or a dead letter office.

Memories are but stammering. Your mind stutters old thoughts. Better get new ones.

Better to sing a song of Me.

Let Me run through your mind.

Do not give so much credence to your mind and its wayward thoughts.

They are static. They interfere.

Namaste, Beloveds

God said:

Oh, My beloveds, why does your heart ache? You don't even know why, and yet it aches, as if it were bruised or starving or lost somewhere. Your heart is safe and sound. Your heart is whole right now, only you are looking at only a twinge of it.

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