Deep in the Heart of God

God said:

It is as if you ride in a car in life. Life takes you somewhere. How you came to be in the particular car you ride in, you don't know. You just know you are riding, and the car takes you with it. You are going somewhere.

Life has a life of its own.

Even when you are the driver, the car does not always steer as you intend. You have your energy, and the car has its. Sometimes you agree, and sometimes you do not. Even so you are in for the ride of your life. You might as well sit back and enjoy it.

What is in your power is in your power. Your thoughts are in your power. You cannot control the scenery, but what you make of the scenery and your drive through life in the world is your call.

As you ride in the car of your life, you take care in traffic. There are other cars going in different directions. There are many kinds of cars, and you give each their space. You don't run into them. Your concern is not in passing them nor in slowing them down. You stay in your lane, and you keep going ahead. In this way, you can enjoy the traffic.

In your ride of life, there are turns to take, and you choose which ones to take as you reach them. The important thing is that you take a turn, for all turns lead you somewhere you want to go.

So, you have choice in life at the same time as life has its. You both play your parts. Your life on earth is made of many interwoven scenes. There is no end to this play of life wherever it may take you.

Some day you will move into a new realm, but that is nothing new for you. You have traveled in many realms many times before, and yet, each time as you enter a new realm, it is ever new.

Often you wonder where you are going in life. Even when you accept that your ride is to Me, you do not really understand it. That's all right. It is not understandable, especially in the light that you have never been without Me. What kind of logic is that? You are with Me, and you come to Me. You wander but have never moved. You stay still and you flap your wings. You travel the universe when all the while the universe has been traveling to you.

Nothing in the world is as it seems. The seeming and the real are different views of the same. Yet life is not complicated. It is simple because nothing really happens. The movement is in consciousness. Your life is a leap to greater consciousness.

Your eyes widen. You see further and you see deeper. You see in all directions at once because you see with more than your eyes. A seed planted within you grows before your eyes, and you grow with it. You grow beyond all boundaries. You begin to see there are none. You even grow beyond the boundless for you are hurtling through incredible eternity. There are no outer limits, nor inner ones either. All is boundless. When there are no bounds, how can there be boundlessness? You take down fences where there are none.

When you leave the world, you leave the conveyance you ride in. You leave the car, you leave your body. You drop them off. They were only rented.

But the you who was always emerging continues to emerge in what is called the Kingdom of Heaven. This is when you see in new light. This is when you are unblinded. There is nothing to block you, and, in truth, there never was. You are merely finding out where you have always been, deep in the heart of God.


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