Sometimes You Are Mistaken

God said:

If you did not judge, you would not accuse. If you did not judge, you would not accuse nor would you make excuses. Do not judge, and do not make excuses for yourself or others. Excuses are weak explanations, and explanations aren't worth much. Explanations are a dime a dozen. Anything can be explained one way or another. Explanations for choices are always excuses.

You are who you are because you are who you are. You do whatever you do because you do whatever you do. Living life is not a world science.

That which you would do differently now, for whatever reason, you call a mistake. You make a mistake here and there because you make a mistake. Mistakes are mistakes. Of course, you would love to relive it and do it differently, but the past is not the mainstay nor purpose of your life.

Life is not a counting game. It is not a measurement. The whole game of life is moving on. When you spill milk, you wipe it up. You don't mark the spot: "Here is where I spilled milk." You don't make a shrine to it. You do not go around saying to yourself: "I am someone who spills milk." Nor do you look for a solid explanation or yourself or someone or something else to blame. The glass simply slipped out of your hand. You weren't paying enough attention. You were careless. Or you tripped over the rug or a child's toy and it was inevitable that you would drop the glass and so on.

Yet you have framed other slips of the hand or tongue in your heart, and you have kept them close to you, and recriminated yourself for them, as if, as you see it, you were never supposed to err.

When you drive to a destination and take a wrong turn, you do not calibrate your error over and over again. You simply now go in a different direction, one that you hope will get you there.

Perhaps you had faulty directions. Perhaps you were misinformed. Or perhaps you didn't follow the directions or read them right. Does there have to be a significance? Of what merit is it to dissect errors?

Do not wear an albatross around your neck. Bless all the errors in life you have made and kiss them goodbye. Big or little, leave them where they are. Forgive them, and forgive yourself for making them. Forgive your ignorance or carelessness or deliberateness. Forgive error for being.

It's allowable to erase. It's fine to erase. When you misspell a word or write a sentence you don't like, you cross it out or you use the end of the pencil to erase it. Is it a mistake to erase mistakes?

But in life, apparently sometimes you think so, and so you reproach yourself for what you have done or have not done or have done but not done so well as you would like or not so often or so truthfully. Mistakes are not indelible. It is best to be done with them.

If you must keep records of some kind and go over them, then keep a record of all the love and understanding you have given and all the love and understanding you have received. Give thanks, not recriminations.

Be glad to be a Human being, bumbler or not. Know you are fulfilling a role in the universe. All is not so haphazard as you may think.

And I will leave you today with this thought: Many of the mistakes you have made were not mistakes at all.

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Thank You for helping me realize that mistakes were blessings disguise. I beat my self up too much, and we all do to some extent. But shouldn't God blessed us all with gifts in different forms.

Thank you for reminding us of

Thank you for reminding us of this, dear Enthos.

How did you happen to find this Heaveneltter?