More of What Love Is About

God said:

The expression "Love everlasting" isn't quite correct because there is no corollary to the permanence of love. It cannot unlast. It can only be. It is all that can be. Nothing else is nor can be. Love can be kicked around — it is kicked around — and yet it is still love and it is unaffected.

The love We speak of is not personal love, for it needs no object nor person to love. It is not impersonal love either because it loves all without cease. It is pure love, unchanged by change and surface indentations. It is the love that is. It does not erode. It cannot be fragmented. It cannot be pinched, nor cut, nor brightened nor dimmed. It is already the brightest light of all, and, beloveds, it shines in your hearts. You are the repository of love.

Where would I have put love if not within you, you who are My spokesperson for love? Would I give love to animals and not to you? Would I give it to the trees and the land and not to you? Would I give it to the cosmos and not to you? Would I give it to one of you and not to the other? Would I bestow love generously to one heart and sparingly to another? I would not. I gave you, every one, love in equal measure, and that is love immeasurable, love infinite and overflowing. I did not stint on love with anyone. And that is what I would teach you. I do teach you. I teach you now to feel the love in your heart and to give it.

Oh, if you had one tiny glimpse of the love that you are, you would sing it from the rafters! You would pour love by the bucket. You would leave more than traces of it everywhere. You would ladle great globs of it everywhere until everyone would be like you and begin to see love everywhere in everything, until everyone would trip over love, would dance in it, would revolve the Universe with it, would reach the Stars with it and bring them and the Sun and the Moon down to Earth and rise up with them until the definition of Earth and Heaven were one and the same.

There would be no disparity in love, no change in color, no smears, no tears, only love exultant, love exorbitant, love enormous in its silence, love resounding, love the only sound heard, love the only book read, love the only thing to see or do or be, love overwhelming in that no thought of anything else could exist, love so persuasive that even the thought of it doesn't exist, just love itself twirling, scintillating, absorbing and emanating, death-defying love, love clear as glass, love rich as cream, love abundant, love solely, just love, unadorned, heralded in the news, the only thing shown on TV, heard on radio, taught in school, baked in everything, revealed in every painting, in every note of music, in every word, in every heartbeat, in every breath, love tumbling, rising, reaching, touching, soaring, landing, enveloping, surging, love erasing battlefields and making flowers to grow, love the topic of the day, love effortless, effulgent, love coloring life in true colors, love on every street corner, doorstep, love knocking on every door, front and back, love entering through windows, chimneys, love walking through walls, love ecstatic, love branching, flowing, running through hill and dale, love, beautiful love crowning the Universe and the Will of God and all of it spread before your feet now.

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A bud in bloom called Love.

This heavenletter is all about a bud in bloom called You! I'm blooming in love for You! And..You are too! Jim.


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