make God known

Whoever Knocks on Your Door

God said:

Whoever comes to you, whoever asks something of you, whoever knocks on your door, whoever calls you on the phone, whoever bumps into you at the store, they are seeking Me. All who come to you will be making excuses about why they do, but they come before you in their desire to find Me. They are looking for Me through you. They hope above hope that somehow you will purvey Me to them.

Why not? Why not give everyone a sample of Me? What do you think a smile is? A kind word? A caring? You are handing a glimpse of Me to another. You deliver Me to another, not them to Me.

The Ringing of God's Love

God said:

When the world does not uplift you, uplift yourself. You are uplifting yourself right now with Me. You are surrendering dominion over your thoughts. You put away your control for a while, and you give yourself over to Me. With Me, that makes sense, for I am always looking out for your well-being. The world — not always. Sometimes it wants to enslave you. But I, the inventor of free will, have ever set you free. You are always free to come into My Presence, and you are always free to leave and come back again and again. It is always open season with Me.

The Mystery of the Universe

God said:

Discovery is really recovery. And what you recover is love. What is the mystery of the universe but love? Love is the discovery recovered, regained, remembered. Love lost is found. Love not lost is regained. Love out of memory is re-gathered.

Before the discovery and all its parts was the seeking. Edison sought. Columbus sought. What they sought was a small part of what their deeper selves sought.

God's Desire

God said:

It is as if I made you with a wand of My love. I spread you across the firmament like a ribbon of stars. I left you there, and kept you with Me.

Your existence did not begin with your Human body. It began with Me. You began with Me, and We are together still. OURS is a marriage, only there is no "til death us do part." There is no death, and there is no parting. We can even say there is no birth because you were present the moment My thoughts burst through. Actually, you were there before that.

Your Heart Accepts

God said:

Who are you but I? And who was Christ but I actuated in a human heart? Who was Christ but the Human heart without ego? He made a natural transfer, from ego to Me and My light.

You think of Christ as a giver. Indeed, he was. But before he could be a giver, he had to be an accepter. He was a great accepter of truth. He knew he was the focus of My heart. He knew Whose love he carried within him. He accepted My totality within him. He heard Me speak — that is to say he heard My thoughts — and he answered, "Okay." He answered, "Yes." He did not answer, "Maybe," or "Someday sometime."

Desire Enough

God said:

How important is focus! When you focus on what you want — or I want — you are brought there. The force of your attention pulls you there. Your mind moves ahead to where you want to be, or want to create, and that is how you get there.

It is not all the work you do. The work is really your feet following. Your feet don't lead. They follow.

You have a picture in mind, and that is the achievement.

The Doorman of Heaven

God said:

Very little is asked of you. I never ask for much. And anything I ask of you is on your behalf. I bring you to Me, and I bring you as fast as I can. Your willingness to come with Me is the permission you give to Me to bring you. The more you step forward, the more you step forward.

Halfway measures lead you in the right direction, but sometimes there is a step you have to take. Sometimes one little step. When you are at the threshold of Heaven, you move yourself across. You must take that step in order to own it. The initiative is yours, not Mine.

What God Wants

God said:

You are swollen with love for Me. All that you accumulate is evidence of your love for Me. But love for Me cannot be kept within. That is not enough. Your love for Me has to be expressed. Do not keep Me to yourself. Do not hoard your love for Me.

You are like a river, and you must flow to tributaries. Love is not to be dammed up. Love is the overture of a great symphony and must be sounded.

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