Whoever Knocks on Your Door

God said:

Whoever comes to you, whoever asks something of you, whoever knocks on your door, whoever calls you on the phone, whoever bumps into you at the store, they are seeking Me. All who come to you will be making excuses about why they do, but they come before you in their desire to find Me. They are looking for Me through you. They hope above hope that somehow you will purvey Me to them.

Why not? Why not give everyone a sample of Me? What do you think a smile is? A kind word? A caring? You are handing a glimpse of Me to another. You deliver Me to another, not them to Me.

This brings you in greater contact with Me as well.

Remember this one thing as you go about your day today — you are a harbinger of God.

May all who cross your path be blessed by you today. May all that pass by you today be blessed by their nearness to you. May all who live in the world be blessed by you. May all of existence be blessed by you. You who are a Being of Light touch other Beings of Light. They need your touch. There is not one of My children on Earth who can not benefit from My grace through you. All are seeking it.

Even those who have well found Me are seeking for more of Me. You can give at least some of Me. You can, at the very least, reiterate Me. Echo Me throughout the universe.

Is there any reason why your life cannot radiate Me far and wide? What would you like your life to exemplify if not Me?

Even while you struggle in the world, you can be revealing Me. What else is their to reveal? What else has been noticed less than My presence in everyday life? Even when I have been announced, It has gone in one ear and out the other. Hear yourself then. Proclaim Me to yourself.

If I am your Creator, which I AM, I do not create and drop. I hold My Creation. I gave you to the world, and yet I still hold you, and yet you still need to be reminded of Me. If you need to be reminded, who does not?

What if there were traffic lights signaling Me and neon signs and skywriting spelling Me across the universe?

What if the hustle and bustle of life on earth paused a moment, and everyone looked Heavenward? What would they see when they look up? They would see the Heavens. They would see the sun by day, and the moon and stars by night. There is always something to see when you look up. Look for Me. Look up at Me, and you will find Me at work right in your heart.

All of nature signals Me. And you are part of nature. You can signal Me as much as a rose, as much as anything. Signal Me with your Being.

There is a God, and I am shining on you and asking that you further My Light on Earth. Right today. Right this moment. Even a thought of Me reconnoiters with Me.

You have been in a huddle with Me the way football players huddle on the field. Now break from the huddle. Come out and run out onto the playing field, and demonstrate what the huddle was about. From the commune of Our Being, go out and play, and in so doing reveal Me. What else is there for you to do?