If You Welcomed All Seasons, What Would You Resist?

God said:

What if every single thing that occurs, no matter how it may seem, is the right thing? If you could know that all that befalls, no matter how distorted, has its value, how fraught with tension and worry could you then be? If all accidents were not accidents, if all crimes were not crimes, if all illness were not illness, how anxiety-ridden could you remain? If you knew that everything, no matter how uncalled for, served a good purpose, what would you bemoan? If you didn't ask why and try and try to figure out the ins and outs of events, how much time and energy would you conserve?

If you didn't have to be in dismay at anything, what then would you occupy yourself with? What would you rue? Anything?

If you took everything in your stride, how differently might you walk?

If you did not resent anything, how would you like it?

If you welcomed all seasons, what would you resist?

If you accepted, even welcomed all circumstances and all people, would you be further ahead or behind?

It is obvious, and yet you do not see what you don't see.

You have maintained that you must resist what befalls unless you see what befalls as a windfall.

Look not so much for grades. Someone imposes an A on you, and you are happy. Someone imposes a C on you, and you are unhappy. Someone imposes an E on you, and you are desperate, or you say you don't care at all. However, you do seem to learn others' evaluations of you and call them your own, as if evaluations were law, as if someone's seal of approval or disapproval were gold, or as if you were branded and that was all there is to it.

In the relative world, you are mobile Beings, beloveds. You can go up and down. Let no one else be the lever that propels you up or down. No one else is to be the sayer of you. You and I are the sayer of you. What I say counts, and if you agree with Me, then what you say counts. If you have bought someone else's opinion of you, you bought poorly. Opinions are not to be taken as gospel. Anyway, opinions are here today and gone tomorrow. You might say opinions are changeable like the weather.

There is an alcove in your heart that knows the truth about you, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Know you are worth something. Know you are worth a lot. If you are not convinced of that, then reveal yourself so you will know that My appraisal of you is absolutely correct. You are what I say. Do not be the last one to know.

Armed with this information, let's see what wonderful deeds you perform. If you do not know what you are made of, find out now. Find out fast, and get yourself high in your estimation. If you think you aren't worth much, how will you deal with life? If you think you are worth shining My light, how will you deal with life then? True, life is dealt you, and yet you also deal the cards. Deal from the top, beloveds. Know you are tops.

You have an image of yourself, and you act accordingly. If you know you are king, you move in the world like a king. If you know you are a wastrel, you will prove it. Know that you are the Child of God. Know it. Know you are here for Me. Know you are My representative, and then you will represent Me as I would have you represent Me.

I understand a lot, yet it is hard for Me to grasp that you would choose to represent less than the Truth of Who you are when you can represent greater. Does this make any sense to you?

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trying to figure it all out

Dear Gloria,
So often the heaven letter answers a problem I am having at the time and today you really have or at least directed my awareness to what I am doing. I have been consuming HUGE amounts of time and energy trying to understand why I am experiencing breast cancer and more importantly why it appears to be getting worse.I have been spending most of my waking hours just trying to work it out and then trying to work out what I am doing wrong, when all along I realize that I should save my energy and let God handle it.God's words have helped today, I shall try and practice it.With love and thanks

Beloved Nancy, how can we

Beloved Nancy, how can we ever know why?

I do know that reading your comment strengthened me.

I am so sorry you have this condition. And yet your comment reveals your sweet enchanting willingness to give yourself to God and give up worry and questioning. What an example you set for the rest of us, Nancy, as you spread your light. You are a miracle.

how can we ever know why

Dear Gloria,
Thankyou so much for your reply. Why is it we can never know why ? if i understand this it will help me stop trying ! I realize and you have reminded me today that I should hand the whole lot over to God, ,now I need to walk the talk THEN I willbe a miracle.
much love Nancy

I think we can't know why

I think we can't know why because from our level of consciousness, we can't understand. Then the other side of it may be that we don't need to understand. I can only guess that when we are at the point that we can comprehend, we don't have the questions any more, and that the answers wouldn't matter.

Beloved Nancy, you are the miracle right now. You could be a complainer. Instead your bright light shines through, and you have made my day much more than it would have been without you.

Dear Gloria,Thankyou again

Dear Gloria,
Thankyou again , I understand exactly what you mean, at pure God consciousness level there would be no question and therefore the answer would not matter, I understand and thankyou .you and YOUR BRIGHT LIGHT have healed that conflict for me and I can stop wasting my energy .YOU have made MY day. Much love and PEACE Nancyx

What a spectacular exchange.

What a spectacular exchange. I think God is clapping His hands. I do, awed.

Yes, this is a beautiful

Yes, this is a beautiful exchange. I think the answer to the why is so that God's glory can be revealed through us just as it is revealed through your trust and faith Nancy. I am not a Bible expert by any means but I do know that I read something a few weeks ago which references the scripture passage of Jesus healing the blind man. The people were asking, who sinned and Jesus answers that noone sinned...that God reveals His glory through afflictions. And He has certainly revealed Himself through you Nancy. As Bernie Siegel often says, it is not 'why me' but 'try me'.

And it is not about having the goal of physical healing, but the spiritual healing that can bring about physical transformation. I did not set out to heal post polio syndrome and once I accepted myself and loved myself exactly as I was, the physical healing followed with a lot of hard work and lifestyle changes and I feel such gratitude and blessings.

This is such a beautiful Heaven Letter which is yet another way God is addressing perspective. God so lovingly wants us to let go of our worldly values and perceptions and just go with God and trust and to find peace and joy and happiness and blessings in all things.

I am so blessed to be a part of Heaven!

God bless us everyone! and loving healing prayers surround Nancy.

Dear Nancy and dear all

Dear Nancy and dear all here,

indeed I am speachless for these postings here.

I just wanted to add a very small thought, I started yesterday to read Bernie's book "Peace, Love and Healing", I somehow feel that "Healing" is really an important aspect. Well, what striked me most was reading that "disease serves to heal us" I mean on spiritual level, our hearts, our ways of living.

Dearest Nancy, much much love to you, much healing prayers, much light and much joy. Thanks for being here !


Dear all,
I am overwhelmed by your love ,support and generosity of spirit.
with boundless gratitude and love

Sense comes through awareness

I understand a lot, yet it is hard for Me to grasp that you would choose to represent less than the Truth of Who you are when you can represent greater. Does this make any sense to you?

Father Father! I can only answer within the experience of life in the world up to NOW. I have always found it difficult to relate within this wordly context. Years of depression and the pain with sterility seemed to make up my only awareness. It is very hard to find one's sense of worth in this. And from this one thing seem to lead to another until my whole seeming world tumbled upon me and I buried underneath. IT IS YOUR HAND that pulled me through! I live because of YOU and You are teaching me now a better way to live in the world. Your LOVE has blessed my life, for this I am forever THANKFUL. I let forgiveness wash away what never was and return to You my whole mind.
Grace & Light I claim as mine and to all the world.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said find out fast
Do not be the last to know
You are here for Me

God said deal with life
Deal from the top Beloveds
And know you are tops

Love, Light and Aloha!