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The Direction of Your Thoughts

God said:

In order for you to think differently, you have to think differently. Change your thinking and see what else changes. Changing your thinking means to look at what occurs in life in another way from what you have been accustomed to. In other words, let go, release, upend a view of life that you have held dear. Sometimes, only sometimes, the more you protest, the more that arises for you to protest. It is as if you have called its name, and it comes over to you. Your resolve not to have something you do not want is so strong that you call it to you, and it answers.

Like Angel Wings

God said:

Put aside your theories, and let life be what it is when it is. Naturally, you like to make summations of life, as though you have a grip on it. But the progression of life as it is lived on earth eludes you. Life is much more than any theory or definition. Just as soon as you decide that life is one thing, right before your very eyes, it turns into another.

As you grow each day, your view of life changes along with you.


God said:

Hold your thoughts high, for dreams do come true. And, if they do not, you have held the joy of your dream. Dream to your heart's content, for your dreams lead you to a higher path.

The nature of man is to dream. Without dreams, what is a man?

If you have forgotten your dreams, remember them now. Conjure new ones. There is no dream that cannot come true, but it is not that dreams must come true. It is that you must have dreams. Without dreams, you are barren.

What You Are Left With

God said:

Making comparisons is tenuous. Making comparisons either lifts you up or puts you down, and so you put yourself at dis-ease. How do the cells of your body know what to think when you don't? One day you are wonderful and better than everyone else, and the next day you are deflated and can hardly lift your head.

When you inflate yourself, the cells of the body follow. When you negate yourself, the cells of your body also follow. What can they do but follow your thought?

Move On Now, Beloveds, Move On

God said:

What is it that you think you are missing from your life today? What is it that you think you need? What obstacle do you feel you face?

Regardless of all that weighs on you, here's what to do: Imagine that you already have what you think is missing. Whatever it is that you think you need, consider that you have it. Whatever obstacles you see, consider that they are behind you.

Expand Your Vision

God said:

If you but saw clearly what is right here, how easy life would be! If you but saw only what was immediately in front of you, uncolored by the past, how clearly you would see! But the mind behind your eyes does calculations and totals up figures from the past.

It is as if the mind asks in every situation, without calling it to your attention: "What from the past is present now? What shadows appear here?"

And so you do not always see what is present. You see last night's leftovers. You see a transparent overlay clinging to the present.

Free the Whales

God said:

You are My result, and you are also the result of your ancestors. And part of your purpose is to free yourself from them. Love them, be grateful to them, but step out from them, for often what you have inherited are limits. A child of Mine is not bounded but unbounded, so you must leap away from the confines of local inheritance.

You belong to a larger universe than your bloodline. That is physical, and it is momentary. Go back to your beginning before you were outlined in the physical, and you will begin to know your boundlessness.

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