Expand Your Vision

God said:

If you but saw clearly what is right here, how easy life would be! If you but saw only what was immediately in front of you, uncolored by the past, how clearly you would see! But the mind behind your eyes does calculations and totals up figures from the past.

It is as if the mind asks in every situation, without calling it to your attention: "What from the past is present now? What shadows appear here?"

And so you do not always see what is present. You see last night's leftovers. You see a transparent overlay clinging to the present.

Clear your mind of interpretations of the past. When you interpret, instead of seeing, you are remembering. Instead of living, you are computing. Be not a robot who follows only programming and knows not of first time.

Let all be first-time for you now.

Be the sun that peeks over the horizon without prejudice, without accumulation of past impressions, simply a new sun shining on a world that it sees for the first time every time it comes across it.

What you would see if you could but see untrammeled from visions of the past!

Letting go would be easy if you did not hold on to the past. Living would be much easier for you if you let disenchantment from the past go.

Be enchanted with today.

The truth is that the past exists only in your imagination. Because it exists in others' imaginations as well doesn't verify yours. This wouldn't be the first time that everyone is mistaken.

New is a popular word. Everyone wants new. You pay good money for new. There is a lot of new that matters that you can have free. Clean your eyes.

Newness to life isn't adding anything. It is building on a more accurate premise.

You change the present by letting go of past accumulations of thoughts that are merely opinions. Opinions are meant to change. You have no difficulty liking one detergent today and another tomorrow. If you can change detergents, why not change that in life which keeps you away from where you want to be?

The past was always meant to step out of. Step out of it. Merely leave it behind.

Even only yesterday is too far away from today.

Today let your eyes fall on the day like a new coat of paint. Today your new eyes see what is here, not what they thought must be. Today you see without premeditation. Today you sail a sea you have never sailed on before. Or you see an old sea for the first time. You see from a different angle; therefore, you see for the first time. Perhaps you were upside-down, and today you are right-side-up.

See the surgence of life rather than the resurgence.

Make a new world. Hasten its entry into Heaven.

Your vision is more powerful than you credit it. What you see gets created or recreated. Pay attention to what you see. Do not try to catch the world in a mistake or a crime. Start catching the world in an act of beauty.

Beauty is not far-fetched. Exquisite beauty is the truth of existence. It's just that sometimes My weary children think it is smart to pounce on other alternatives. They often like to catch the world in a misdemeanor.

Today catch the beauty of the world. Catch it and keep it and extend it. All you have to do is note it. Note it instead of all the things you have been noting.

You are the one I have chosen to set the world's vision right by setting your own. Would you deny Me?