Look Not for Answers

God said:

It is such a delicate thing, this sharing of yourself with others but yet not intruding,

This taking care of your own needs and not putting others' needs above your own yet still caring for others,

This not sacrificing and also not being selfish,

This affecting the world but not being affected by it,

This being neutral yet not indifferent,

This loving but not doting,

This being while doing,

This doing but not doing too much,

This getting out of the past and the future and catching onto the ever-expanding present,

This being still in the midst of activity,

This taking action but not doing,

This letting go of fears but not throwing caution to the winds,

This honoring Truth while not having a handle on it,

This wanting happiness and not knowing what to do with it,

This search for meaning in what seems meaningless,

This wanting Me and disputing Me,

This wanting everything and craving simplicity,

This wanting peace and wanting excitement,

This seeking Heaven and living on earth,

This time and timelessness,

This moment and Eternity,

These barriers that you are told are not,

This not controlling and keeping order,

This living in a land of punishment and guilt and eschewing judgment,

This being free amidst rules and laws, and so on.

What is a Human being who wants to live right to do? How do you act justly in a judging world without casting judgment?

It is clear that thinking about what to do gives you more to think about and less certainty about what to do.

Instead of thinking, try listening.

Instead of puzzling, try hearing.

Take cues from where they come.

Do not try to figure out so much. Figuring out takes you further away instead of bringing you closer.

Instead of seeking answers, find something beautiful to look at.

Look not for answers.

Look not for giving answers.

Whatever problem you are facing today, drop it for a while and examine a flower. You will find silent advice.

Return your heart to Mine, and you will remember you are not a solver. You are a receiver. And so you will listen more.

Thinking less is agitating less. You have been moiling your thoughts, stabbing them with pitchforks of other thoughts.

Let some blank spaces enter your picture.

If you have been working from the outside in, now reverse the order and start from the inside. If you have been working from the inside out, travel to the outside. Rest your mind as you would rest your eyes, near and far, near and far. Look somewhere else.

You are not a solver because there is nothing for you to solve.

You are one who lives.

Living is walking around in life. What did you think it was?

Perhaps you thought you were supposed to rearrange life and these seeming others who walk around with you.

Christ walked on earth. And that is all you have to do. That is all you can do. This is your great contribution.

The task a flower has — the same is yours. Be.

And with your thoughts, all you are to do is to administer love with them.

Love solves. Your thoughts do not. Your thoughts pick and chose. Love loves.

Now you know how to solve all the problems of the universe. Now you know how to put your figuring out away. Now you know how simple life is.

Your over-thinking has quarantined life. And now you live life so that others may follow you and embrace life at the same pace.

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Every word here is helpful...

in that these words guide us gently...to discover...the Truth of us....and the Truth is a relief...the Truth is our very being. The Truth is your home...welcome Home!...Oh...only love lives here....oh so gently. Much much Love....

I read this HL again

I reread this heavenletter...this time slower then before...and realized how much I had missed. Yes...each and every sentence and phrase...before went unnoticed...and now it seemed that each meaning was drawing me deeper...into this self that I thought I knew...but now...somehow the Self is revealing itself...and the self that I was stubbornly affirming I knew so well...is thankfully fading...Gosh!!!!Oh...the delicate mystery...is revealing Itself...so well...so well indeed....And at the core of the mystery...is Love...Love...Love....Oh!

Dear Jim, I agree, what a

Dear Jim, I agree, what a simple enlightening Heavenletter. You say you read it again and found a lot you you. missed.

Jim, these words must have come from God through my fingers, and it seems I missed the whole thing. Where was I when it was being written.

Jim, previously you worked on a great Heavenletter project Heavenletters called Just for You. Beautiful scroll packets, each one with a unique quotation of
your own choosing. You did this on your own initiative and at your own expense.

Might you want to find some spectacular Heavenletters like this one you found and shared, perhaps on a unified theme. One theme I thought of was Creation. There were three fabulous ones -- yet where are they?'

I also can use someone with great organizing ability knows where to put something and how to find it again.

What wonderful comments...

Thank you Gloria for your beautiful words...And yes...I'm feeling some inner prompts to rekindle the "Just for You" project. I am now physically settled in a nice warm trailer...by myself...after camping outside here and there for many months....Also just returned from Rhode Island after visiting first and only grandchild....Oscar.

So...here we are again...facing...thankfully just one moment at a time...like gently caressing a prayer bead...so connected...barely aware that there are 107 to go...and since a circle...eternity only awaits. Ps...I am madly in love with God...how could One not Be?...jim...and jimi too... thankfully after all these moments together..always...with You too!

I bless you...

Jim & Jimi...to eternity. You are inspiration, have love for a nation, are God's glorious son who's Light can never be outshone. Bless you for touching me so deep. Your comments always do; they move me true.

Thank you Shay!

You beautiful Rose...of Love and Peace and Joy!!